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Mar 28, 2011

Day Nine - Love

Huhu..1 more challenge to go...Now is day 9, talking about LOVE...What LOve means..?

LOVE means:
To FEEL someone in ever HEARTBEAT,
to FIND someone in every THOUGHT,
to SEE someone with CLOSED EYES,
and to MISS someone without reason:)
betul kah tu...huhuhu....betul lah bah kan..... ok let's see, what I Love the most...

No.1: I Love my Family
No.2: Myself. Love yourself first, before you love someone.
No.3: Beloved Fiancee
No.4: F.U.C.K- Friendship Ur can keep 4'ever.
No.5: I Love Ic-Cream
No.6: I Love graphic design
No.7: I Love to take photo
No.8: I love watching movie
No.9: Last but not least..I love blogging..Huhu..Actually blogging is good. You can share everything. Even you can earn money from blogging, right!

P/s: Stay tune on my blog, more interesting topic will post soon...
Mar 25, 2011

Maybank Card...

Hi Everyone...Did you change your ATM Maybank Card to the new one? Since I cannot use my ATM Maybank card anymore, I have to change it. I went to the Maybank Karamunsing last Tuesday to changed my ATM Maybank Card.. Tadaaaa....This is my New ATM Maybank Card....

ATM Card

Maybank Book

Anyone, who not yet get the New ATM Maybank Card..Faster change it to the new one..Make sure bring your Maybank book if you have it or else just go to the counter during that time. These a lot of the benefit about the new ATM Maybank card.
  • Shop at over 29 million VISA merchant locations worldwide
  • It’s your ATM card can withdraw cash locally and overseas
  • Earn TreatsPoints and enjoy privileges when you shop
  • No income requirement for application, no finance and late charges or annual fees
  • Online statement through
  • Can use for PayPal and Ebay verification
  • Withdrawal PayPal to Maybank Card in local

    Mar 24, 2011

    Day Eights - Fear

    Talking about Fear..What are the means' fears in your life..? For me, fears with the God, is better then fearing the ghost....betul kah tu..? hahhahah...Sekali nampak hantu baru tau kan...smiling face!

    I'm fears when I am missing our loved ones....Huhuhu..*touch wood*

    I'm fears with the high places..but I still can control myself...

    I was fears when my heart is hurt it again, because I felt it before. painful.

    I'm fears with the cockroach.. I do not like the cockroaches, flies around the bedroom when sleeping.. Menggangu betul...

    Mar 23, 2011

    "ThePinkGajahStory ❤'s LUCKY DRAW"

    Cumil juga tu Gajah..Huhu..GA about "PinkGajahStory"...Tag dari C LennMommaChubby Lagi... Nak join..baca syaratnya dulu, kat sini.. :-)

     tarikh tutup lucky draw : 30 mac 2011 (jam11.59 malam)
    Kali nie saya mau tag sama : Ellen, Cekodok, Nurul

    Day Seven *Delay* - Wants

    I'm still doing this 10 days you challenge...How about you all guys, still doing this..? Ok..Day seven talking about wants. What I wanted in my life...?

    I want to be a millionaire, for helping my family.....Oneday will be right... :-)

    I want new Galaxy Tab. One of the smartphone

    Good starting for my new business.. Hopefully..

    I want to travel with my love one... When, the time will come...

    I want to take a driving, I can go anywhere I wants..without the driver...smiling face

    I want to settle all my debts..huhu..

    I want happiness in my life...this is the important thing...

    Mar 22, 2011

    GIVEAWAY NisaChoc & ZulFoto

    I got Giveaway again from LennMommaChubby..Huhuhu..Kali ini, Giveaway dia tentang Coklat... I liked it...Sapa yang nak join sila patuhi syarat2nya dulu dong...Sila baca syarat-syaratnya.

    Syarat Penyertaan :
    1) Warganegara Malaysia dan mesti mempunyai blog-Selesai

    2) Follow dan MESTI Link blog NisaChoc dan dalam blog list anda!-Selesai

    3) Buat entry yang bertajuk GIVEAWAY NisaChoc & ZulFoto.-Selesai

    4) Copy & paste banner di atas dalam entry dan side bar blog anda-Selesai

    5) Jangan lupa tag entry anda kepada 4 orang blogger dan inform yang mereka di tag!-Selesai

    6) Tinggalkan comment di entry ni!-Selesai

    *****Kami akan menggunakan untuk mencari pemenang!
    *****Tarikh tutup : 29 April 2011

    Dah baca..baru boleh join... hehehe.. Saya nak tag: Va Va Voom, Fantastic Ajane, Just, Nelly
    Mar 21, 2011

    asleenda 1st GiveAway


    Kembali lagi Segmen GiveAway...Ini kira GA yang terbaru lagi saya join..Macam biasa saya di Tag oleh C LennMommaChubby.. It's ok...sbb ada mood juga mau join nie GA..Mcm mana dengan anda naik join ke? Sebelun join, kita terjah dulu syarat2 kat sini...Click ya..!

    Semua syarat2 saya sudah
    Sekarang saya mau tag sama *Nurul* *Va Va Voom*  *Coffee for all*

    Day Six *Delay* - Places

    If oneday, I got a ticket free for traveling, sure I will be going to my dream's places..huhu..Day Dreaming lah pula..

    Ok..Talking about places, I wanted to go to LangKawi and Cameron Hinglands..

     LangKawi..Wow..what is the great places..?

    Genting Highlands
    I've been here before, 6 years ago..But still wanted to go there..Belum puas lagi main permainan dia..heheh

    Meet Up With My BF...

    I supposed upload this stories last 2 weeks ago, but the time is so limited to me. Huhu... I meet up my best friend Just, for system butter and sambil kupi-kupi with her at Tanjung Aru First Beach .. Actually should meet her with 3 other friends during the Mini Blogger Gathering, but I cannot make it that time, due my personnel sad...what to do. It's ok...Next time, we meet again..

    Actually, she helping me buying some stuff from KL and luckily she came down to KK and not need to post my stuff. It's the easier way, just meeting up at KK, yeahh.! Anyway..Thanks against to you Just...

    Indirectly..we do the Mini gathering lah kata kan.. Only 3 of us, Just, My fiancee and myself. :-)
    Ok..Let's the picture begin the stories.. Macam-macam cerita lucu yang terjadi... hehehe..

    Places of Meet Up

    Butter Prawn

    Ikan Sebelah Masak Sambal

    Nasi Kurang Masak

    Satay *Pelayan Salah ambil Order*

     Just & Jue

    Fiancee n Me

    P/s: Enjoy and happy time... :-)
    Mar 20, 2011

    Day Five *Delay* Foods

    Yes..I'm still doing this 10 days you Challenge.. Clap hands for myself.. I never give up...
    Smiling Face
    .. Day 5, talking about food...What kind of foods, I like it..? Mari kita lihat sapa yang kena....

    Butter Prawn

     I'm Loving It..

     Kacang Cap Tangan Paling sadap...

     Nasi Goreng Ayam...

    P/s: Actually..banyak lagi tu makan yang saya suka. huhu.....

    Mar 19, 2011

    Top 3 *Contest Blog Saya Ingin Direview*

    Still remembered, I joined this contest Blog Saya Ingin Direview last weeks Friday. When the result come out, yes....I'm the Top 3 listed out of the 7 blogs...Frist things, I couldn't believe if I will listed in the list of  7 blogs review, cos I just joined last minutes. Huhu...

    Anyway,  thanks to the Owner of this contest, Irwan.. Irwan has been  reviewed my blog...What Irwan said about my blog...?? Let's check it out here for more details...

     Apa kata Irwan, about My Blog...


    Award...??? Yeah...I got Award from one of my blogger friend...How I got it..? It's easy liked peanut...hehehhe..Just follow the blog Coffee for all sure you will got the award... Somethings like give and take...

    P/s: Feel free to follow her blog...huhuhu..Promote sikit

    My New IC

    This morning, I went to JPN Penampang, my IC is ready to see my new IC..See the picture below...The picture a bit different from the previous IC.

     My New IC

    My Old IC

    Mar 18, 2011

    Day 4 *Delay* - Books

    I'm still remembered, when I'm was at the secondary school, I always went to the Library school to borrowed some story books. I can't remember that title of the book.. but i liked Fairy tales story. Like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood (Coming soon at Cinema), etc.

    But now, I'm very seldom, to read thus kind of books, I will read when I have a free time only...

    How about magazine...Yes..I'm a collector one of that magazine 8 years ago. That time, my age around 19 to 20 years ++.. GUess...what magazine? Hehhehe...."REMAJA"lah... But now, tidak sudah...cos, too expensive bah, waktu tu still can afford, the price around Rm 4.90 to Rm 5.60. Sekarang malas sudah mau kumpul, nanti sayang saja kena buang...huhuh..

    P/s: Sekarang..Remaja kurang menarik sdh kan...Makin lama, makin kurang page dia...

    I'm Back again....

    Yes...I'm back again for blogging...I missed my blog...Huhu.. Since I'm not blogging for 5 days, due my unconditional sickness...I was been flu, fever, headache, sore troat and cough..Maybe it is the symptoms of the radiation from Japan because of the explosion of their nuclear power plant...

    Since I cannot stand, I went to PolyclinicBumi, Putatan last Monday. Doc gave me 6 medicine. 5 tablet and one is Syrup for sore troat and cough..  Matilah lah mau makan begitu banyak ubat...Huhuh...Poor of me..Musim sakit bah sekarang ni kan...

    Since I'm not feeling well, so many task pending, I have to settled it...

    1. My blog Task..10 days You challenge..Delay berabis sudah task nie..hehehe...It's ok  I will settled it all later.

    2. My Shop- The letter of approval from management already confirmed...Only the date of operation from our site, not yet confirm..I have to settled the set up 1st before start the business.

    P/s: Still flu nie..huhuhu...

    Mar 10, 2011

    Day Three - Films

    Day 3, the topics more interesting... Yes...Talking about Movies or films...I'm the one of the fanatic movies...My 1st movie is....Twilight...I love this movie very much..huhuh.. Twilight is a series of four vampire-themed fantasy romance novels by American author Stephenie Meyer.

    Now, My second Movies is Taken... This movies is all about a former spy relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been forced into the slave trade. Really interesting..

     My Last movies is about the Transformer... New movies of  Transformers: Dark of the Moon..Coming Soon...

    Horray...3 challenge done...Now will go to another stage again.. Wait for the next post 2morrow...

    Contest : Blog Saya Ingin Direview


    Ya..Last minutes contest, saya join... anjuran c ewan..dia post di shoutbox saya...Huhuhu..Contest  yang paling mudah untuk dijoin...Untuk keterangan lanjut boleh lah melawat laman web c Ewan....Hopefully blog saya  terpilih sebagai top 7....
    Good luck for me..

    Yahoo....Business Wedding Card agained.....I just advertised my Wedding Card Services at last month.... See the picture below...

    If not mistaken, this is the 7 times, I'm doing the wedding card designed...With the happier face, I got message on last Tuesday nite, regarding the wedding card design...

    Yeah..Yesterday I'm and hubby meet up the customer at the MD Center Point around 5.30pm..Sorry, didn't managed to take the photo...
    I showed them the sample of the wedding card and discussed about the design and how many pieces also the deposit of the wedding card but the customer pay me in full amount..Yeah..that's good! :-) That the stories...

    Sample wording from the customer

     Later  i will show the real design of the wedding card, ok....Till then...

    Mar 9, 2011

    Day Two - Songs

    I don't know, what is the latest song nowdays... but for sure, I LOVE THIS SONG VERY MUCH...huhu...

    First Songs : Out of the blue
     I'm always played this songs from my computer early morning, before do the worked....this song is very meaningful in my life...

    Second Song : Patience

    1,2, 1,2,3,4
    .....Shed a tear 'cause I'm missin' you
    I'm still alright to smile
    Girl, I think about you every day now
    Was a time when I wasn't sure
    But you set my mind at ease
    There is no doubt
    You're in my heart no........... 

    You will crying, when you listened this song.... 

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