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Jan 26, 2011

My Fav. Songs From MLTR

This morning,  I google this song form Internet...Out of the Blue from MLTR.. To all our follower blogger..Hopefully you will enjoy this songs specially to you all... *wink*

Sambil blogging sambil dengar Out of the blue...
Jan 24, 2011

Tag From Lenn...:-) Ask a Blogger

:-) This is my 1st time, dapat tag from my follower Lenn...Thank you..very much..I will answer all the question... Want to know more about me...Mari kita lihat...hehehe

~Two questions about your blog~

What is your blog's title and reason to make it yours
Jue Space is my blog title...Semua tentang diri saya...that why i call my blog, "Jue space..."

Your blog is categorized as a? ;personal, photography, food, place, fashion etc...
Firstly, i create my blog just for fun.... Lama-lama mcm best pulakan... so saya continued blogging... My blog contents mostly tentang diri saya... and some information to share...

~Randomly about you~

Your favorite colors.
Blue, Pink, White and black

What is your happiest childhood memory?
Saya x ingat ohh..Sekejap ah..Oh ya..time saya sekolah rendah..saya selalu main gatah sama kwn2 sampai merdeka lagi kami main tu..kira time tu saya terror lah kunun..bulih lompat tinggi nie...heheh..siok ohh kan time zaman kanak2 nie...ketawa sendiri...

What is your all time favorite song? Link it from youtube etc.
Michael learns to rock-Out of the blue.  Actually hampir semua songs MLTR saya suka...

What was the last song you heard?
Tanak Kampung...this morning @ Suria FM...105.9

What is your favorite song during exercise/working out?
I am not sure...hehehe

What song will you hear to get you sleep at night?
Teda dengar lagu..terus

What was the best vacation you ever had?

Hehehe..belum pernah pi vacation lagi...but one day will be...

Food and beverages?
Chicken Chop and Fries
Lemon Tea Ping

~Your favorite quote~

Walauapapun yang terjadi, life must goes on kan... :-(
~Your inpspiration photo~

 I love this love 4'ever

~A smiling picture of you~

It's Me
Siapa-siapa yang jadi follower saya..sudi2 kan diri, buat tag ini ok..Good Luck..

Link to LennMommaChubby

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Jan 16, 2011

Watching Seoson of The Witch...

I told you..i went to cinema last Tuesday night to celebrated the SPECIAL DATE...11.1.11. Are you think the date is special...??? For me is so special, coz the DATE only come once in the life... Me and my Fiance went to Growball cinema at Center Point..

I go to counter to buy a ticket, while waiting for my fiance...I am not sure which movie want to watch...masi tgh memilih2 nie...hehehhe...Finally i choose  the Seoson of the Witch...

Time: 6.05 pm (Tuesday)
Hall: 8
Seat No: N 17 & 19..Our favourite seat...:-)

Sinopsis Season Of The Witch: Behmen dan Pelson adalah dua pahlawan Kristian yang sudah lama berkhidmat angkatan Tentera Perang Salib. Bosan dengan peperangan, Behmen mengajak Pelson pulang ke kampung asal mereka untuk memulakan hidup baru. Apabila sampai di sana. kedua-duanya mendapati orang kampung sudah ramai yang meninggal di sebabkan oleh jangkitan penyakit di panggil ‘Black Plague’. Penyakit misteri itu juga dipanggil dengan nama ‘Black Death’ kerana badan mayat yang meninggal kerana penyakit itu bertukar kehitaman serta berbintik-bintik menjadi benjolan. Tanda jangkitan penyakit Black Death adalah timbulnya benjolan berair di kulit yang pecah apabila di picit berserta demam panas, ,akhirnya mangsa akan meninggal selepas seminggu terkena jangkitan.
Dua pendita tua di kampung Behman menuduh seorang gadis muda dipanggil The Girl (digari dan dikurung) sebagai penyebab penyakit itu. Mereka menganggap penyakit Black Death satu sumpahan kerana The Girl adalah ahli sihir (Witch). Behmen dan Pelson di arahkan membawa The Girl ke sebuah biara yang jauh untuk melucutkan kuasa sihir gadis itu lalu menamatkan sumpahan Black Plague. Disinilah pengembaraan mereka bermula kerana Behmen dan Pelson berdepan bermacam-macam perkara ganjil ketika dalam perjalanan.

Here below a behind the scenes picture of Season of the Witch with the cast in their medieval outfits:

Must watching this movie..very interesting... 5 *****
Jan 11, 2011

What a Nice Date...11.1.11

I just read you post entry today....I means my friend Blog....*Just's Corner* What a nice story..hehehhe....Bestnya pi Labuan naik Feri...Next time..saya pun mau pi Labuan lah..I want to buy Chocolate banyak2.. Smiling face... and i continued read your blog until the end....
Suddenly i stop read.... My eyes stared the last line at your entry
Before that i didn't notice the date....then my head start thinking something...i quickly called my hubby..and the conversation begin..

Me: Hello....Syg..buat apa..?
Hubby: Teda buat apa-apa...:-)
Me: Syg..Ada movie best kah hari ini..?
Hubby: Ada..
Me: Bah..Kita pi tgk movie lah..Nanti syg cek..apa movie yg best hari ini ok...?
Hubby: OK
Me: Ok..byee...

Yahoo..That's what I'm planning. Only for this special day. At least we can remember, what going on the day...

To all our friends blogger....are you plan something for this special day..? Where did you go or stay at home...? You can share it, if you don't mine...

To be continued...
Jan 7, 2011

Year Of Rabbit 2011

What is the RABBIT sign meanings of this year 2011...? Let check it out....! Information for you all.....!

" 2011 year is the year of the white metal Rabbit and 28th year in sixty-year cycle horoscope. 2011 is the fourth earth branch year named Mao, symbolizes diplomacy and is actually starting February 3, 2011 which is also the date of the 2011 Chinese New Year. After a rather difficult year, the coming 2011 year of the White Rabbit promises to be very interesting in all aspects of our life. For instance horoscope 2011 presents the year of the white metal Rabbit like a period with less changes that take over our real world and mass changes in every sphere of life that stand on an inner level. In other words a lot is going on behind the scenes and we shall open up our eyes widely to these changes and find out how we managed to live with all this new, bright and fascinating.

According to eastern traditional horoscope the coming 2011 year of the White Rabbit should came with more or less tranquil nature, but definitely must be delicate and sensitive to the word around. Of course on the surface the 2011 year of the Rabbit is sensitive, sophisticated and confident period, but... Anyway balanced and calm conditions of the 2011 year of the Rabbit may be easily weakened by only one unpredictable situation after which only titanic effort may return all developments of the 2011 year back on track. So make sure you don't ask too much and don't expect too much from the year of the White Rabbit since 2011 year has something to show us and even the best intellect could hardly imagine what the 2011 year of the White Rabbit got in store for us.

In sphere of love the 2011 year of the White Rabbit will need tenderness, trust and security. This 2011 year love will not be everywhere; moreover new love like a butterfly would be so delicate that may be hurt with just a rude word. In 2011 year of the White Rabbit there will be moments when you are happy and get contentment from your love relationships, but then without reason you could suddenly place serious doubts in your mind. So in 2011 year it will be a tricky thing to live happily with your lover and it would be hard to find your love or to find the right lover that corresponds to all your criteria. However if you would find the right one during the 2011 year of the White Rabbit then your love feelings would be so powerful that lasted forever".

Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year 1111

Yahoo....This is New Year 1111..What I want to says here...just my wishes.May the dawning of this New Year, fill my heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring promises of brighter tomorrows. May the journey of my life be fragrant with new opportunities and my relationship with my love one more meaningful and full of happiness and grace... pray to god..

Hopefully my dreams will come true this years 1 Jan 11...cross finger...

Story about Christmas

CHRISTMAS... What do you feel..? Are you happy...? Hehheh.... Actually i supposed go to the church on the Christmas Eve...but cannot make it... Terpaksa lah pigi on the Christmas Day...Early morning, 3 of us (myself, my fiancee and my brother) went to the Church at STELLA MARIS.

After the mass, we went to kepayan for breakfast.. Lapar bah...that whyla....heheh...After that...we went to my Father Grave... at Kepayan hills.. I brought some flowers and 1 box of candle..This is 1st time on the Christmas i went to my father grave since 4 years.

I'm so happy and excited....sampai..kami tersilap kuburan...hehhehe..."sorry dad.." cos...x nampak sdh bah terlampau banyak rumput panjang sdh... that why we, have to cleaned it first...After everything is cleared, we burn the candle and prayed to GOD...
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