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Apr 29, 2011

What Happens when you don't get Enough Sleep

Hello Friends...

Morning Wishes to you all..How's you feel today...Feel good..? Hopefully, right? Starting yesterday, I felt not so well, feel dizzy. I went to the doctor yesterday night, she gave me some medicine. The doctor said my BP is high, so maybe because of less sleep these few days or maybe it is the matter of age...hahhaha... We are getting older and older. By the way, may heart is still young...*laugh again* ...

Info from Google:
The findings suggest that if you don’t get enough sleep, it will show up on your face.

Sleep is more than just a luxury… today more and more people are coming to understand that to stay healthy, to feel better and to be alert and ready for anything – we need our sleep.

Even just shaving a few hours a night for a while can be trouble, impacting thinking and mood, not to mention setting us up for some pretty nasty health problems – things like heart disease, diabetes, headaches, depression and more. Pain too is worse when you’re tired.

Today still have to open my shop, hope that everything will be fine...

For reminders: Take care of your health and don't work too much... *grin*

Apr 26, 2011

Easter Egg...

What is Easter Egg means???

An egg means new life.  It reminds us that there is a new life inside that can come out.  We celebrate Easter Sunday because that is the day that Jesus came out of the grave and He was alive.

This is what we did last Friday night..huhu..We doing the Easter egg...Only 3 of us. My fiancee, my niece and myself... we do it until 12:30 am. 24 eggs altogether, but we only done 20 eggs.

We doing the
coloring and the pattern on the egg. I only made 3 eggs, my fiance made 10 eggs and my
niece made 7 eggs.. We really enjoyed that time while doing the coloring egg... Seronok ohh...sampai ngantuk pun hilang...*smile* See the picture, what we have done..

Ini Water color yang kami guna.

Serius juga..hahhaha

Ini lah hasil nya...
 Ini eggs yang saya buat..
Apr 23, 2011

Good Friday...

First of all, I would like to wish Happy Good Friday and Easter Day to all my Christian friends... We went to the Church at Holy Nativity Terawi Parish, Penampang yesterday. Fuyooo..Punya la ramai orang...Kami di luar saja..No more seat already. Terpaksa lah berdiri...

Before that, sempat lagi kami buka kedai dari 11 o'clock sampai 2 o'clock...Punya banyak orang membeli, macam tidak mau tutup saja ohhh...hehehe..

After the mass ended...we decide to have a dinner at Metro Restaurant area donggongon.. Cannot stand sudah, lapar bengat si...heheh..Indo slang lah pula..Ok..Let's the picture do the stories...

The Dishes

Family in Law....

P/s: continued to the next post

Apr 20, 2011

Siapa TOP REFERER FA? Giveaway

Actually GA nie ada orang Tag saya seblum ni..Tapi terpula sdh saya buat..sebab kena tangguh2 saja... Kali Just yang Tag saya..terpaksa lah buat kalau tak, kecik pula hati yang empunya GA nie..heheh

Jom Kita tgk syaratnya...

Copy & Paste banner bawah ni di sidebar anda dan link ke entri ini.

Buat entri tentang GA ini di blog anda dan jangan lupa letakkan linknya dlm comment di entri ni. 
Entri anda mestilah mengandungi:
Banner GA, details tentang GA dan daripada siapa anda tahu tentang GA ini.
* Semua sdh buat *

Tagkan kepada minimum 4 rakan anda
[Lagi banyak, lagi besar chance untuk menang betul x?]
Tag jatuh kepada : Sasa T, Mas J, Va Va Voom, Coffee

Hanya seorang pemenang akan dipilih.
Referer paling manTOP. - Jatuh kepada....??? Jue Space...Yayyy..perasan..

Dan lastly, dan paling best ...terpulang samada anda mau follow blog FA atau tidak..tiada paksaan ok.
Sudah saya Follow Blog C FA nie..

Jam tangan @ handbag
[brand dirahsiakan untuk sementara k.]

Tarikh Tutup penyertaan: 
31 Mei 2011
[Hadiah agak lumayan so FA buat lama sikit la.]
Ok..Good Luck Everybody..

Apr 19, 2011

New Busha Arrived

Hello Guys..How's your daily life..Are you all happy? Of course right...We must be happy even though we are sad or bad mood...Life must go on..Like Mariah Carey Song...Huhuuhu..

Aik...Out of topic sudah nie...hehehe..Actually, I just want to said, my order of BUSHA arrived last Saturday..My Supplier sent the BUSHA on Friday by SkyNet. I used my Fiancee Office Address. Coincidentally, my fiancee office is not open on Saturday... I made a call to SkyNet office, just to double check, whether my stuff will arrive at the next morning(Saturday) or on Monday... But the person who picked up the phone said, my stuff will arrive I decided to pick up the stuff tomorrow..

The next morning, before we go to the SkyNet office we went to the Wan Wan area Penampang first to find the Pemborong Pakaian Kanak-kanak.. But I'm not buy anything..sebab tidak boleh mixed pattern lain. Satu design mesti ambil 6 mcm tu..mana saya mau... Lagi bagus kalau boleh mixed and banyak lagi dapatkan.. After that, baru lah we go to the SykNet Lintas Plaza, Luyang to collect my stuff.. See the picture below..Cute BUSHA...Sure you will love it..

Plastic bag sampah dia guna
Apr 14, 2011

*Hot Items*

Wow....I liked it..these are the hot items I've been selling..BUSHA. You know, what is BUSHA?? This is a Legging pants for baby..Very cute and nice design..Must have one for your baby... Just selling it for RM10 only. Buy two you will get the discount...Promote lagi...hehehhe

Picture 1- I just ordered last Thursday

Picture 2 - Tinggal 3 saja lagi

P/s : Saya sdh order lagi..Ini order yang ke4...Maybe Saturday nie smp..Huhu..tidak sabar ooo

Apr 13, 2011

Trading License

I filled up this form before, but no action taken to send the just like that.. Yesterday, my Fiancee and me went to Majlis Daerah Penampang send another form.. now i'm applying for a license for my new shop. It will take 2 weeks before I can collect it.. so have to wait until 26 April, then call the MDPG whether my license is ready..

Then I planning to open a current account for my shop... still cannot decide which bank is better, but the closest bank near megalong is public bank.. hmmm.. will decide later...

Apr 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 5

Hello Guys...What do you think about this Samsung Galaxy 5..? For me is one of the SMART PHONE.. Huhuhu...For more Info about the Samsung Specification.

Google Photo

I just want to showed up My New Handphone "Samsung Galaxy 5" Huhuhu...Minta Puji kan...I liked the design...I bought it last Sunday..

First Opening

My First Opening my Kiosk is on the 28th March 2011..I just opened like that..No opening ceremony and no cutting ribbon.. Moreover, my stuff not much more. It's ok, for the first step right... *grin*

My first day stuff

After 3 days

Final Part.

I need to buy the curtain, but for what purpose..??? Huhu..mesti you all tertanya-tanya kan..why I buy the Curtain... See the last picture later..

The first place we went to Wah Yoon Textile Putatan, to survey the curtain price. But the price not worth. Rm6.50 permeter..

After that we moved to Segama and same thing, we survey the price...Still cannot find the best price.. We moved again to Sinsuran.. Finally we find the cheaper price for the curtain fabric. Only RM4.00 per meter.

Huhu...So tired ohh..My niece and nephew kelaparan sdh dorang. Sapa suruh ikut...kwang..kwang...We decide to stay on at Restoran Sempelang...

Singgah sebentar di Restoran Sempelang, Sinsuran. Menghilangkan dahaga..

This picture showed up, how I closed my Kiosk...
Apr 11, 2011

Setting Up My Kiosk@shop

Continued to the Second Part...
Last two weeks, My Fiancee and myself do the setting up...One day program..Huhu....very tiring...Ok see my program for the day.

6.30 am - Wake up and take a bath.

8.30 am - We went to MegaLong Shopping Mall to set up the carpet. It's almost taking one hour.

9.30 am - After that, we moved to Soon Lung, Penampang to buy the (besi-besi) for the structure of my Kiosk.

11.30 am - We went to  ATM machine to cash out the money.

11.45am - We went back to the Soon Lung Shop for paying the (besi). The price is RM 217.50. Soon Lung people will send the (besi) after they cut with the exact measurement. 1 batang equal to 10 feet. We only need 8 feet for the height and 7 feet for the width. Semuanya15 batang.

12.00 noon - I'm hungry already that time..We went to Supertanker  for lunch..Huhuh...

12.30 pm - Now, moved to Iron Nique to buy the Garment Rack 2 set. Refer to the picture below.

2.00 pm - Soon Lung Peope called up..They want to send the besi already. We quickly moved to MegaLong...

2.15pm - Setting up in progress. It's almost take 2 hours to complete it.
4.15 pm - Yes, complete..

P/s: Huhu...akhirnya siap juga kan. Another program for tomorrow. (Sunday)
Apr 8, 2011

New Sling Bag

Nice kah??? hehehe

Yahoo...I have new Sling Bag..My Fiancee brought for me last sunday...My old one, the zip is damaged..Huhuu... I used it everyday...Easy bah, kalau mau tukar duit untuk customer..lagi pun savekan, just bring along, when go anywhere... Big thanks to my Fiancee. I Love it...

New Shop Lot For RENT

I saw this advertisement..Quickly I take a photo..Just help them to promote it even I do not know the owner. Hahahha... I'm so interested about the words, they wrote it. See the picture below..

 Shop for RENT at MegaLong Shopping Mall, 1st Floor. Next to DOSS shop

P/s: Come open your business now.. Don't miss the opportunity...:-)

Teen Cancels Facebook Party

Hi Friends... I want to share one interesting topic. I read it just now. It is happened at SYDNEY city. One schoolgirl, going 16 years old will do her birthday party. She doesn't have enough time to invite their friends one by one.. So she scared nobody will come to her party, so what she did, she posted the invitation on Facebook... But then, she canceled it... Why? You can read from this news..

Apr 1, 2011

Letter of Agreement

Hi Friends..
I'm coming back again, since I'm busy to set up my shop..Last Friday, I went to MegaLong management to sign the letter of agreement and made a first payment for the rental... Huhuh...

Letter of Agreement

Can u see the Designation..? Manager lah kunun...heheheh

Receipt of Payment

Finally, part one is done... Is not easy to set up one shop.. Actually, is not fully shop lot. They called it Kiosk-Promotion Space. Only Rm500 per month.. 
To complete the shop must have enough capital and more stuff to be selling, if not you cannot gain back the margin even the profit...Am I right..?

This is my Kiosk-Space
 P/s : To be continued..Second part..Tunggu...

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