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Apr 11, 2011

Setting Up My Kiosk@shop

Continued to the Second Part...
Last two weeks, My Fiancee and myself do the setting up...One day program..Huhu....very tiring...Ok see my program for the day.

6.30 am - Wake up and take a bath.

8.30 am - We went to MegaLong Shopping Mall to set up the carpet. It's almost taking one hour.

9.30 am - After that, we moved to Soon Lung, Penampang to buy the (besi-besi) for the structure of my Kiosk.

11.30 am - We went to  ATM machine to cash out the money.

11.45am - We went back to the Soon Lung Shop for paying the (besi). The price is RM 217.50. Soon Lung people will send the (besi) after they cut with the exact measurement. 1 batang equal to 10 feet. We only need 8 feet for the height and 7 feet for the width. Semuanya15 batang.

12.00 noon - I'm hungry already that time..We went to Supertanker  for lunch..Huhuh...

12.30 pm - Now, moved to Iron Nique to buy the Garment Rack 2 set. Refer to the picture below.

2.00 pm - Soon Lung Peope called up..They want to send the besi already. We quickly moved to MegaLong...

2.15pm - Setting up in progress. It's almost take 2 hours to complete it.
4.15 pm - Yes, complete..

P/s: Huhu...akhirnya siap juga kan. Another program for tomorrow. (Sunday)

5 Lovely Comments:

  1. Waa nanti kalau sudah siap, kasi promote juga.. Manatau sa free2, sa mau pigi melawat juga ;-p

  2. kalu c Annie hoping promotion, sa pula harap harga potongan hahaha..

    ...must visit you one day...

  3. wah siok owh ko jue ada sida kadai

  4. Va Va Voom - Thank you..Dtg sini lah..

    AnnieMing- Bah dtgla opening sdh tu...heheh..

    Wyne - Boleh bah klau ko Sis... Dtg saja...

    Beaty- Dtg lah sini bawa c Lenn...


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