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Jan 28, 2013

Pink Color

Yes..! Sa telah menerima undangan "Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering" oleh Sis Wyne...Bila sa visit Sis Wyne punya blog, Sa nampak dia kasi show off dia punya Cheongsam.. So, Sa pun tidak mau ketinggalan lah... mau juga kasi show off kan...Ok..jom kita tgk...

Tada...! Kamu ada...? heheh..

Ada sulaman burung merak... :-)

Kalau sa tidak silap, 2 minggu lepas lagi sa beli nie Cheongsam, di Megalong..Harga dia pun berbaloi-baloi...Less than RM60... Kalau ikut kan betul nak cari warna Red or Gold.. Tapi yang ada White and Pink..So sa pilih Pink color lah...

Ok lah...sampai disini saja show off, ya...mau Zzzz sudah nie...Good nite everyone...

Jan 26, 2013

Bring Balance Into Your Life

Cultivating balance and harmony among all the aspects of your life can bring you true happiness. It can be difficult at times to keep everything in order, but when you do, the harmony you create makes an amazing difference.

The trick is to spread your focus fairly equally among the different areas of your life. This just means that, while your work life might be stressful, you can’t ignore your relationships, spirituality, or other things that are also important to you.

The situation can be likened to beautiful music performed by a skilled orchestra. Every instrument performs in perfect harmony with the others. Sometimes one instrument will come forward into the spotlight, while the other instruments pause or continue playing quietly, fulfilling their part of the total beauty.

Here the some techniques to bring the beauty of balance and harmony to your life:

1. Avoid total focus on only one issue.
If you spend all of your energy on one aspect of your life, the others fall by the wayside. If you must spend a great deal of time on one area temporarily, make an extra effort to include other important things as much as possible.

* For example, if you must stay late at work, call home to talk with your spouse on one of your breaks. After work, use your free time wisely to concentrate on other areas of your life.

2. Reflect on your goals and dreams.
Take time to consider your goals and dreams. Come up with a plan to follow through and start taking action toward them. Even if you feel that you aren’t in the position to take great action, some action is better than nothing.

3. Eliminate stress.
Stress arises in your life as a sign that things aren’t in balance. It’s a natural indicator that tells you it’s time to take action. If you ignore it, the situation only gets worse.

* When you determine the root cause of the stress and reduce it as much as possible, you’ll find that things naturally tend to move back towards harmony.

4. Get proper rest.
An important part of finding balance and harmony is getting enough sleep. If you feel the need to continually squeeze in one more thing and deprive yourself of sleep because of it, set a bedtime and follow it religiously.

5. Explore spirituality.
Another way to find balance and harmony is to explore your spiritual side. Many religions specifically address the issue of finding balance in your life.

6. Take up yoga.
Yoga is a practice that goes beyond some simple stretches in order to keep fit. It’s an ancient art that addresses your mind, body and spirit. It’s a great way to get your whole day into balance, and you’ll no doubt leave your yoga session refreshed and relaxed.

When your life is in harmony, everything seems to be easier. You’re less stressed, more energized, and you have the time to enjoy the things that are most important to you. Take action to bring this balance into your life and enjoy all it has to offer you.

* Credits for Google..
Jan 23, 2013
Jan 21, 2013

Jofanna Bridal Photography

I am thinking to hire Jofanna Bridal to become my professional Photographer on my Wedding Day... Unfortunately, they already booked by another Couple on that day... Huhu..So sad..I liked the skills, the way they take pictures..Very nice and interesting...However they introduced me to other Photographers that was Anna Rina.. You can log into the website

Ok..Here's the some pictures taken by Jofanna Bridal really inspired me...

Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3 Ops..I noticed one of the people on this picture is my Cousin, Eric

 Pic #4

 Pic #5

 Pic #6

Pic #7
Pic #8

Pic #9

Pic #10
Pic #11  

Pic #12

Pic #13
Pic #14

Pic #15

What your say...? Nice rite.... :-)

Says Cash Out Verified

 Yeahh...This morning, I got a email from SAYS regarding my cash out request has been verified... Now, waiting the money to transfer into my bank account...
Biar lah sikit asal ada kan...Siapa mau bagi..huhu..Ini yang kedua kali sudah nie... :-)

Jan 20, 2013

Life Quote

Yes..Life is beautiful..Live to the fullest...:-)

Happy Sunday everyone...
Jan 17, 2013

Sabun Susu Beras

Produk K-brothers dari Thailand
Sabun Susu Beras

Sabun Susu Beras 3 in 1 (Supper Whitening)

Sabun Susu Beras Collagen

Sabun Susu Beras ini tengah "hot" di sabah..Ramai yang menggunakannya...

Kegunaan sabun beras:
Membantu menghilangkan parut muda
Menghilangkan bintik-bintik hitam pada wajah
Dapat melicinkan kulit
Membantu mengawal awet muda
Boleh digunakan sebagai sabun mandian
Berbau harum..dan dapat menghilangkan bau tengit yang melekat pada badan.

Sesiapa yang berminat boleh lah datang ke kedai saya di Jue's Collection, 2nd Floor, Megalong untuk membeli dan membuat tempahan.. Harga sangat berpatutan dan murah...
Jan 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Color Combination for Wedding

Here are some of favorite wedding color palettes to date!

1. {Wheat Berry} A Palette of Fig, Camel, Antique Gold + White

2. {A Wedding to Remember} A Palette of Plum, Powder Blue & Gray

3. {Love Letters} A Palette of Red, Shades of Pink & White

4. {A Glittering Affair}: Green, Gold + White

5. {Destination Wedding}: A Palette Plum, Mauve, Fuchsia & White

6. {Pretty + Pink}: A Palette of Coral, Pink, Peach, Ivory & Black

7. {Beauty + Bliss}: A Classic Palette of Black, Gray + White

8. {A Fun Summer Wedding}: A Palette of Fuchsia, Light Pink & Navy Blue

9. {Winter Whimsy}: Navy Blue & Snow White

10. {Strawberries & Cream}: A Palette of Red & Ivory

Jan 15, 2013

Makeup by Jeffie Jeff

My sister suggested me, to hire Him as my Makeup artists for My Wedding day... The fee, I don't yet how much..? May be I think 1st, either I want him or not..Mau tengok budjet dulu nie.... ;-)

Here's Some samples of before & after By Jeffie Jeff...

Look great's rite... Huhu...So What do you think...?

Jan 11, 2013

Countdown to Wedding Day

Now, I'm able to start the official countdown to  my wedding day.. From today date, only 4 months to go before my BIG many things not yet settles...likes, some documents for church still pending, Wedding Cake, Invitation Card, Make up artist, Photograph and Videograph, and etc...Waaa...Boleh pengsan kalau macam nie...Dag dig du..dag dig du... sudah tu jantung... arghhhhhhh....Binggung seketika...! God's pray for me, everything  will be done...

Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering Event

Yes..I've been invited from Sis Wayne @ my Facebook... "Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering"... Wow..what are great events...Ini Kali lah...Wear Cheongsam lagi tu... Cantikkkk!!!

Nah, I told my hubby yesterday night..
Me : Kami ada Blogger Lunch Gathering..
Him : Bah pigi lah..
Me : Tapi mau pakai Cheongsam...
Him : Adakan Chengsom tu..
Me : Tidak mau tu..Tu tailor x pandai jahit..terbuka sudah jahitan dia, koyak nie...huhuh..
Him : Bah..bah..beli baru lah...
Me : Yahooo...

Thanks Sis for the invited..Mesti pigi nie kali kan...Before this tidak terpigi nie..sbb ada technical problem..muaaahhhhh....

Psstt.. Bah sesiapa yang berminat, boleh join...pandai-pandai nie menjemput...huhuu...
Jan 10, 2013

SIL Wedding

Hello peep..

How's ur New Year..Any interesting story to be share?.. :-) Sorry, no new post from me, since am busy with the preparation of my SIL Wedding..Huhu.. It was the last Saturday is her BIG DAY..So here, I want to share the excitement of her Wedding Day on the 5th January 2013 at the J Borneo Native Village...
I don't want to talk much here, let the picture do the part..* wink*

The story begins from house..

The Bride..
Make up Artis is "Zheng Zai Ming" 
The Make up done and now do the hair..

Touch up again...

It's me... Tidak mau ketinggalan bah kan... heheheh..

@ the Holy Nativity Church Terawi..

The bride with the parents..
Berjalan masuk..

Bride and Groom

Models of the year...heheh

We are FAMILY..

Big Family...

Us with the Bride & Groom..

Bergambar dengan kereta Pengantin...mcm saya pula yang excited..heheheh 

@ The Wedding Reception J B Borneo Native Village
The Banner and the Cake...
Psst..The Banner Design By Me..:-)

Waiting for the Guest...

Guest Table...

Cake Cutting

Bride Friend's

@ House of Kampung Kandazon
Malam : Acara potong Kek.. are u noticed, only the Pengantin Perempuan..Pengantin Lelaki mabuk sudah..hehehhe

Ok..That's all for know...Too many picture..Only selected picture saja kena uploaded..heheh..
Happy and Enjoy ya... !!
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