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Jan 10, 2013

SIL Wedding

Hello peep..

How's ur New Year..Any interesting story to be share?.. :-) Sorry, no new post from me, since am busy with the preparation of my SIL Wedding..Huhu.. It was the last Saturday is her BIG DAY..So here, I want to share the excitement of her Wedding Day on the 5th January 2013 at the J Borneo Native Village...
I don't want to talk much here, let the picture do the part..* wink*

The story begins from house..

The Bride..
Make up Artis is "Zheng Zai Ming" 
The Make up done and now do the hair..

Touch up again...

It's me... Tidak mau ketinggalan bah kan... heheheh..

@ the Holy Nativity Church Terawi..

The bride with the parents..
Berjalan masuk..

Bride and Groom

Models of the year...heheh

We are FAMILY..

Big Family...

Us with the Bride & Groom..

Bergambar dengan kereta Pengantin...mcm saya pula yang excited..heheheh 

@ The Wedding Reception J B Borneo Native Village
The Banner and the Cake...
Psst..The Banner Design By Me..:-)

Waiting for the Guest...

Guest Table...

Cake Cutting

Bride Friend's

@ House of Kampung Kandazon
Malam : Acara potong Kek.. are u noticed, only the Pengantin Perempuan..Pengantin Lelaki mabuk sudah..hehehhe

Ok..That's all for know...Too many picture..Only selected picture saja kena uploaded..heheh..
Happy and Enjoy ya... !!

10 Lovely Comments:

  1. Suka tgk kain merah kamu.. cantik!

    1. Hehe.. kakak ipar sa yg beli tu...

  2. wah.... wedding ni... huhuhu... itu banner print sama siapa? hehe

    1. ya..Wedding..Kakak saya yang print sendiri..dia print sama kawan dia...Actually dia buat Kad Kahwin dan free banner..Klu x silap, nama kedai dia Samudera.. Knp wen mau buat kad kahwin sdh...Saya buat lah mcm..? heheh

  3. sya suka tengok babak wedding2 ne... mo stat kumpul sudah idea sama experience dari orang yg suda kahwin ne.. hehe.. suda standby your theme wed kah ne sis?

    1. Best kan Mitchell bab wedding nie..hehe.. blm lagi sa pilih theme nie... hmm... any idea kah? :-)

  4. and you look GORGEOUS and SPARKLING that time!! ;D

  5. wah CNY spirit o ni wedding..merah semua.. bedebar ka jue?

    1. Ya merah theme..heheh...berdebar lah nie..:-)


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