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Dec 30, 2012

Christmas Party...

This year, Christmas more happening and fun...Huhu.. Ok, story started form Christmas Eve..

24th Dec- Christmas Eve
Family in Law and me, went to Church Terawi at 8.00 pm.. When we arrived at the mouth like Woww....terpegun seketika... how's beautiful the chruch it is, with the decoration lights and Christmas tree decoration...Huhu...

Here's the some photo taken after the Mass..

 Kandang biri-biri d mana Yesus telah dilahirkan...

It's Me...

Anak buah-Hubby side

SIL, MIL and Nephew

SIL, Niece and Nephew

 Me and Niece

2 of us..

After the Mass ended, we went to Metro for dinner...Semua lapar sudah..hahhah..
* sorry no photo taken during that time*

25th Dec- Christmas Day Vs Christmas Party

In the Christmas Day..Early in the morning we went to my father Cemetery at Paradise Hill, Kepayan..Only 3 of us..My eldest brother, hubby and me..Just for visited and pray for his souls...
*Sorry no photo taken.*. 
My hp low battery that time...huhu..So sad..

The Christmas party events only start from 2.00 pm until midnight...
Berbagai-bagai aktiviti telah dijalankan... Ok Let's the picture do the story... *wink*

Christmas Activities...

Pancing Botol

Isi air dalam botol guna tangan..

Mana botol yang penuh...

Isi air dalam belon..

Siapa paling panjang...

Melipat, Makan dan Menyusun..Can u see me in de picture..? ;-)

Musical Chair

Mula-mula main air tepi2 saja, lama2 masuk dalam terus mandi bah nie budak2...
Kesiokkan dorang..

Mencari gula-gula dalam tepung..

Double Celebration..Happy Birthday to Pa ah..

Special Christmas Cake with photo printed..heheh

Bergambar dengan kek..

Changing Present... 

Spot me on the photo..hehehh

That's all for now.. *grin*
Psstt..Tomorrow is the last day of Years 2012, So what is ur plan...? Mine sharing here...
Dec 29, 2012

My New Curly Hair..

Remember my previous post, I'm planning to curly my hair...Yes..I did it... It was last week Saturday, I went to Tomoko Hair Saloon @ Megalong...

The Saloon

The proses of curly my hair...
 Noticed the guy at the back.. He the one, yang buat my hair...

Here's the result...
Psstt..Christmas hair nie...hehhe
Dec 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Yahoo...! Today is Christmas Eve... I want to take this opportunity to wish my all Christian blogger "May the lovely spirit of Christmas bring you lots of peace, joy and happiness. May it live with you all through the Christmas season. Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2013"

Dec 20, 2012

Christmas Blog Challenge : Day 11

Day 11 : Favorite Christmas Tradition

As usual, we will gather together on Christmas eve. Just simple gathering, cut the cake and give a gift to my parents and siblings. Although is a simple gathering, were still happy..*grin*

Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 : Favorite Holiday Scent

I love the spring time..Liked the Lavender scent.. A very light and refreshing Lavender to make myself more balancing and relaxing...:-)...

Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Easiest person to buy for...?

I think my mum and hubby...:-) cos, when I buy a gift for them, they never complaint .. but they seem more happy...
Dec 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Curly Wavy Hairstyles

Planning to curly wavy my hair this weekend...Here's the some photo of curly hair..Ok let see, which one look nice to me..*Wink*

No. 1

No. 2




P/s: Huhu..Mau ubah penampilan dulu nie, time x'mas...
Dec 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Today 12.12.12

Have a blessed day everyone...

Christmas Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Post a picture Christmas decor

I Want a little more splash Christmas Tree this year.. Here are some of Christmas tree will help to inspire me.. heheh...

White Christmas tree

Snowman Christmas Tree

Blue Christmas Tree

and the last but not least is...

Candy Christmas Tree

Which one, do you think...? *wink*
Dec 11, 2012

Christmas Blog Challenge : Day 7

Day 7 : Most memorable Christmas

My Most memorable Christmas is celebrate with parent and family...:-)

Christmas Blog Challenge : Day 6

Day 6: Your Favorite Tree ornament

My Favorite Tree Ornament..huhu...I Love the Christmas Tree plus the all hanging ornament..Specially the:-

Red and gold shiny ball...

Santa Claus

Shiny Star at the top of Christmas Tree..:-)

Thanks for Google for the image above..*wink*

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