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May 26, 2012

Day 2 : Satay Kajang @nd Uptown...

Here goes for our day 2 program...Not much program in the morning... We only having Lunch together with my Sister's husband family... Sorry, no photo taken...I Miss the happy moment that time...

According to my sister, we only going out for the night time..Cause her Husband a bit busy that time.. So we only stay at home... Since I have nothing to do, I took this opportunity to take some photo of my sister's house... huhu...promote sikit...

My sister house @ Bangi Area

Living Room

Dining Room and Kitchen...

At night time, Satay Kajang is our place for having dinner. Around 8pm we went for dinner. So let the pictures tells a story...
Satay Kajang

After having dinner, we went to UPTOWN Pasar Malam.... Here the photo..

Me...Sempat lagi berposing kan..

Sister and Husband

To be continued next post...Tungguuu... Have a great weekend everyone..
May 24, 2012

Day 1 : GM Plaza and @i-City

We just arrived at LCCT exactly 12.00 am on the next day...My Brother and Sister waiting for us at exit door..After we took all of our luggage, we drive to my sister's house...
Huhu...very tiring...My eyes cannot open already...I just lay down on the bed and take a rest until morning...

In the afternoon, we do the 1st plan...Of course the 1st plan is having lunch somewhere... Not so far from my sister's house...

Selesai saja kami mengisi perut...we moved to GM Plaza, Jalan Haji Taib...Wholesale Shopping Mall according to my sister. Of course to buy some stuff for my shop...Rugi oo..kalau turun KL tidak beli barang-barang untuk kedai....Bukan selalu turun KL kan...Lagipun ticket free...Sponsored by my sister... :-)

Plaza GM, Mall

Almost every floor and shops, we are in and out...Doing some survey first, before decided which shop give more reasonable price. Huhu... After doing the survey, I decided to return to some shops, which is give us the best price... Sorry.. not much photo taken during that time...

Since we all are tired.. we going back home for a while and refreshing for night activity..

Our night activities...We went for the Dinner. My sister brought us at Shah Alam Restaurant, just near by the UITM Campus..I forgot the name of the place...My sister said, the Ice Kacang here is the best... Her favorite place during the time she studied at UITM...

7 of us...

Nasi Goreng USA... My sister (tiny pic)

 After we done our dinner, we went to @i-City as planned by my sister.. Ok let enjoy our photo...yeahhh...

@i-City, Shah Alam

Posing with x'mas tree

My Mom, Sister and Me...


My sister and me...

I will continue my story about our trip to KL on my next post.. Hope u all enjoy the story on my first day and also the pictures.. see u all soon..
May 8, 2012

Something Quite True

Morning buddies...Have a wonderful day...Let enjoy..Joke of the Day....

May 4, 2012

KL Holiday

I was supposed to blog this things last month .. but because I was too lazy and busy with other works .. so I forget about blogging first ...

Ok .. This is a list of my program during their stay in KL ... 5 days 4 nights.


9:25 pm - departure to Kuala Lumpur (2 hours and a half)
11.55pm - Arrive at LCCT, KL


11:30 am - Lunch outside
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm - Move to the GM Plaza (Wholesale Shop)
5:00 pm - Return to home

8:00 pm - Dinner @ Sham Alam
9:00 pm - ICCT @ Shah Alam
12:00 pm - Return to home
1:00 pm - Arrive home

12:00 pm - Lunch with my sister-in-law family

8:00 pm - Dinner @ Satay Kajang
9:30 pm - Uptown

10:00 am - Kenanga Shop (KL)
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm - The Mines

7:00 pm - Mama Boutique

9:00 pm - Arrive home

Morning - No activity

3:00 pm - LCCT terminal 2
5:10 pm - Departure to Kota Kinabalu

7:30 pm - Arrive at Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2

Enough for now..Wait for the next update..Have a pleasant weekend everyone...Cheers...
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