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Dec 20, 2010

Merry X.mas to all of you....

Hi My friends...I want to share this Xmas card just to you all..... Read and enjoys!!!

Dec 14, 2010

Preparation before Christmas Contest GiveAway....

Hello Guys...This is my very first Contest for Give Away.. (Christmas Contest)

Christmas....???? Ya..What is Christmas...When Christmas round the corner everybody is busy preparing hard for the festive season. Crowded streets, claustrophobic stores jam-packed with people struggling to get a hand at the best Christmas goodies available, is a common sight that we get to see every year when Christmas comes round. 

For me, Christmas is more meaning full in my life....When the Christmas come...I'm so excited... the first thing i'm doing is...hohohoho...of course decorate the x'mas tree and the important thing is the "Present" must have....^ - ^.... The present specially, i give to my dad and mum, sister and brother... That time, I am was so happy... Can you express you feeling that time...???What do you think....what is your preparation for this coming Xmas..I sure,  before you start with the preparations, unique ideas should be there in your mind already, right...

Yes...this is the time for the contests... 


1. Be my Follower
2. Follow me on twitter @ jueerica
3. Create the Entry (BI or BM) about your Preparation Before x'mas time..(put  pic if can)
4. The entry must include my GA image and Link back to me...
5. Copy my GA banner and put into your blog...

That its...Easy right.....????

The Good and Unique Entry with picture will be the WINNER...
I am also give prize for the TOP REFERRAL.... BAH...RAJIN2 LAH MAKE REFERRAL TO YOU FRIEND OK.....

Nov 5, 2010

i'm back with my blog again

hi.. sorry , there is no updates since my last post on feb this year... been busy with work.. have no time for blogging.. wish i can write everyday since i have lots of things to talk about..

life is not that simple.. there is lots of pains and of coz happiness.. but just like what people will say, no pain no gain... hahaha.. you have to face it, don't run away from it, it will not settle.. be strong and do the the best that we can do..

just forget about the painful,.. let us think about the happiness.. hahaha

today i'm going out to cinema.. watching the cuti-cuti cinta (love holiday?) movie.. the movie is so fun-tasty.. hahaha.. it is a love comedy movie.. you should watch.. verry funny .. coming home doing nothing and remember my blog (this one).. ooo i never updating it.. never look at it.. hahaha.. don't know if people ever visit my blog.. no emails, no comment.. hahahaha

hmmm.. later have to prepare all my used cloths , my tupperware and cosway products,.. i booked a stall at megalong.. RM40/day.. booked for 2 days.. try to make money again... i'm starting selling on ebay again.. or what we called online business... haha.. make some money on the internet.. now make some money offline?

i just register my own domain.. but still under constrution.. maybe you can visit my blog, i will share all that i know or i've learned or i read.. you can always look at link below

JueOnline Blog

and my forum.. feel free to post anything.. questions or just want to share something.. promoting your products or website.. ANYTHING... the link is below..

JueOnline Forum

ok.. will write again.. i try to keep on posting as possible i can..

have a nice weekend and happy deepavali...
Feb 20, 2010

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Feb 17, 2010

Wedding Card Sample
Picture 3

Wedding Card Sample
Picture 2

Wedding Card Sample...
Picture 1

Hi. I'm offering my services designing and printing Wedding card.
Any design as you wish. Please call, sms (0168442305) or email me for more information.
Price is negotiable.


Feb 16, 2010

Wedding Card Design...

Hi. I'm offering my services designing and printing Wedding card.
Any design as you wish. Please call, sms or email me for more information.
Price is negotiable.


Feb 15, 2010

Make Money Daily By Login Facebook

Sound interesting about the title...Good...

Bisnes affiliate..komisen 100%..modal RM100,kenalkan seorg dah balik modal u RM100...sales seterusnya adalah untung u..tiada risiko..byran terus dibuat ke dlm akaun u, bukan akaun saya atau akaun tak amik 1 sen pun..

produk it yg byr kat u akan dpt it training yg boleh diakses secara online, bljar mcm2 such as windows, microsoft office,potoshop mcm2 lagi la..ada beratus video dan audio..

mcmane nk promote?..hehehe..gunakan killer ads dan indirect approach..biarkan pelanggan yg cari kita..just balas msg dia..suma sy dh sediakan cuma copy dan hantar je..then u akan lihat duit masuk dlm akaun u..serius...!
bila kita gunakan teknik killer ads and indirect approach kita dh boleh fokus pada kumpulan sasaran yg berminat nk buat duit dlm setakat ni phm?

memang ramai gler yg far customer i memang byk dari facebook..tak kenal pun...hehehe..i byk lagi teknik secret dia...kalo nk buat duit bleh.. i ajar u..
company usa...produk training...

ok ...mcm ni, yang best benda u tak kan kene tipu, duit tak kan byr ke company, tapi direct byr ke akaun u..takde sistem ewallet, beli epoint ntah ape sume2 tu..tak kisah u ada akaun ape, bsn,agro bank, bank rakyat pun affiliate program, bukan MLM ke forex ke, investment ke, mkn dpt duit ke hape ke...simple je sistem dia modal rm100..kenalkan sorg balik modal..100% komisen bro.. kalo dpt jual lagi sumenya untung ko...aku dh buat 2 minggu dh dpt RM1k..buat main2 dlm facebook je..

so setakat ni faham x?

Conclusion: Modal rm100, bayar pada i, i akan activate ur acc....dan u boleh start making money once ur acc has been activated. ok?

Let Join..It Really Works.

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