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Nov 5, 2010

i'm back with my blog again

hi.. sorry , there is no updates since my last post on feb this year... been busy with work.. have no time for blogging.. wish i can write everyday since i have lots of things to talk about..

life is not that simple.. there is lots of pains and of coz happiness.. but just like what people will say, no pain no gain... hahaha.. you have to face it, don't run away from it, it will not settle.. be strong and do the the best that we can do..

just forget about the painful,.. let us think about the happiness.. hahaha

today i'm going out to cinema.. watching the cuti-cuti cinta (love holiday?) movie.. the movie is so fun-tasty.. hahaha.. it is a love comedy movie.. you should watch.. verry funny .. coming home doing nothing and remember my blog (this one).. ooo i never updating it.. never look at it.. hahaha.. don't know if people ever visit my blog.. no emails, no comment.. hahahaha

hmmm.. later have to prepare all my used cloths , my tupperware and cosway products,.. i booked a stall at megalong.. RM40/day.. booked for 2 days.. try to make money again... i'm starting selling on ebay again.. or what we called online business... haha.. make some money on the internet.. now make some money offline?

i just register my own domain.. but still under constrution.. maybe you can visit my blog, i will share all that i know or i've learned or i read.. you can always look at link below

JueOnline Blog

and my forum.. feel free to post anything.. questions or just want to share something.. promoting your products or website.. ANYTHING... the link is below..

JueOnline Forum

ok.. will write again.. i try to keep on posting as possible i can..

have a nice weekend and happy deepavali...

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