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Mar 28, 2013

Heavenly Hanging Decor Idea

Looking for unique reception decor inspiration? How about hanging flowers, umbrellas, or tables!

Shared some ideas here...

When come to Wedding things...Semua pun excited kan..Same goes to me..huhu..Mcm-mcm nak buat... ahahaha...
Mar 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Holy Week

Holy Week in Christianity is the last week of Lent and the week before Easter. It includes the religious holidays of Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

To All Christian member,
Happy Holy Week..
Mar 24, 2013

Happy Palm Sunday

Happy Blessed Palm Sunday for all Christian people ...

Have a nice weekend ..Cheers..

Mar 22, 2013

Segmen: Jom Pilih Hadiah

Masa buat blogwalking kat blog LyNn...tiba-tiba ternampak Segmen: Jom Pilih Hadiah yang disertai oleh Lynn..Mcm menarik saja tajuk dia saya pun tertarik hati lah nak join...mana tau, kot-kot ada tuah, dan yang bestnya lagi boleh pilih hadiah sendiri..huhu..
So, anda tertarik nak join...Just klik kat sini...Segmen Jom Pilih hadiah...

1) Follow dan like pages blog ni *done*
2) Buat satu entry dan tampal banner kat atas yang di link kan terus ke entry ni*letak url entry dekat komen entry ini sahaja* *done*
3) Pilih dua hadiah yang korang nak *done*
4) Follow dan like pages sponsor *done*
5) Pemilihan pemenang melalui random dan top reffral
6) Tamat 30/3/2013


*Novel Cinta*
Cute kan keychain dia
Wish me luck yer...;-)

City Link Express

Remember my last entry about the Dress for Flower Girl..? Yeahh..I got it yesterday afternoon...Special purchased by my sister and chosen by me... *Wink* Thanks to my Sister..heheh..How fast the shipment...Thumb up for the City Link..... :-) Hantar hari ini, Esok sampai... Huhu...

Ok..Jom kita tengok, which one do I choose...:-)

 City Link Express

Yeahh..I choose this one.... Tada...

 My Sister purchased 2 dresses for my Niece...

 Pink White color...Nice kan...

I think, I want to add on one more dress for my hubby little Niece...heheh

Mar 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Jewelery Wedding accessory

I had purchased some Jewelery Wedding Accessory from Alibaba@Aliexpress. It is 1 sets Jewelery..(Crown, Necklace and 1 pair of Earring). But not yet received..I will blog it later once I receive it..

Thinking to purchase this one also..Tamaha oo kan... heheh
I like the headpiece...Nice rite...

That's all for now..I'm feel sleepy already.. Good nite...!
Mar 19, 2013

Dress for Flower Girl

My sister asked me to choose the dress for flower girl on my Wedding day... here's the some dresses to be chosen later...heheh...

Pic #1 White pink and Pic #2 Dark Pink

Pic #3 White pink and Pic #4 Light pink

Pic #5 Light pink and Pic #6 white with dark pink

Pic #7 White with pink and Pic #8 Light and dark pink

So..which one is nice...? *Wink*

Tambunan & TVRC

Where I went last Saturday...? *Wink*.. Tambunan..yeahhh...  

Only 5 of us..Hubby, MIL, SIL, Hubby little Niece and I went to Tambunan to fetched my hubby Nephew at KEM PLKN TANAKI TAMBUNAN...His the last day at the PLKN... It's the main purposed why we at Tambunan that time... :-) huhu..

 My hubby Nephew "Dylan" at left side..

Rite from Camp Tanaki, we go straight to eat first...Lapar sudah kan...

After that, baru we went to jalan-jalan... bawa mentua jalan-jalan tengok Tambunan...

The 1st place we went to the Tambunan TVRC. I've heard many people say Tambunan TVRC is a beautiful place and have a big fish there..."Ikan Koir" cina bilang...

 Welcome to TVRC

 We have to pass by the "Jambatan Gantung to see the fish Over that place

 Here we are

They have the entrance fee..Rm 2.50 for adult and for the kid is free.. I pay Rm10.00 for the entrance fee and brought some "baja" to feed the fish..

Hubby give  feed the fish..

Tengok tu ikan...Besar-besar oo kan...Geli hati saya...mcm mau pegang jer...

Now my turn to give feed the fish...hehehe...

The view side..Nice kan the view...

After the TVRC we supposed moved to Air Terjun Mahua...See the picture below

picture credit for google...

But my MIL said: jangan lah pigi tu, mcm mau hujan time lah.. Hmmm...kiciwa nie.. Hubby cakap, Mahua Waterfall is very nice...tapi apa buli buat x dapat pigi...kalau dapat pigi tu bergambar saja kerja saya tu..Hubby lah jadi mangsa camera man..heheh

Untuk mengubat hati yang kiciwa.. we went to Tugu Peringatan Mat Salleh

When we arrived that time... the gate is close for maintenance.. so we cannot go inside... Hmmm...kami berjalan-jalan dikawasan tugu tu saja lah sambil ambil gambar...but my batery hp is low bat..hubby nephew lah yang ambil gambar kami...will upload the pix later ya...

After all the tiring, we move to going back home....On the way back home, sempat lagi singgah digerai-gerai tepi jalan tu, beli-beli sayur...huhu...
Good bye Tambunan...

 Till next post... have a nice day... smile...!

Mar 17, 2013

Windows 8

Did you experiencing the Windows 8...? Yes...I did it...My hubby brought it and installed into my Netbook last Friday.. Really surprising me...It's pretty good... Window 8 is more faster than ever...Especially on start up and shut down. The task manager even has a new Start up tab where you can see a list of programs that start when your PC turns on so you can disable anything that might be slowing things down. Very handy.

My Netbook in Windows 8 Os...

Windows 8.. Not the original one..

Some amazing Windows 8 Features..

1. Windows 8 Touch System

Windows 8 has been developed for Touch System. The Programs Display in Tile Style will make sure that you get to the programs of your choice relatively much Faster and Quicker then you do manually. Microsoft is also Launching “Microsoft’s Surface tablet” which is equipped with Windows 8, Hence This Touch System will be much beneficial for tablet user’s.

2. Windows Store

Another Amazing and Popular feature of Windows 8 is Windows Store. The biggest advantage of Windows Store will be, Only Trusted and Authenticated Applications will have entry in Windows 8 Store, so a User can easily navigate through catalog of Applications or download it, you can search all the apps in Store, By Windows Store you can simple Acquire update of a Particular App as same as Android Market.

3. Windows Charm

This New Concept of Widows 8 charms will serve you basically as Start Bar. Windows 8 Charms will be used to configure settings of multiple apps or perform tasks like adjusting the brightness, putting you computer to sleep or hibernate, etc.This can be accessed anytime like start bar, no matter which task you perform.

4. Multiple Monitor’s Support

Good feature, but in some organisations where it needs to use multiple Monitor’s support, this feature in Windows 8 can be used very Well. You will now be able to extend the task bar over two different monitors and wouldn’t require any interference by other apps.

Really interesting and fun..You won't regret..Get in now and experience it by yourself... :-)
Mar 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Behind the Scene

This photo taken during my pre-wedding photoshoot last July 2012..
My hubby become my camera man.. 

Siok pula tgk ada juga kenangan...hehehe
Mar 11, 2013

Design By Me..

Counting day by day...! As you know, I will be the bride soonest.. So I take the opportunity to design  my wedding Invitation card... Lagipun..Save cost and time...heheh... Let's check it out...

Design 1- Pink and White

Design 2- Pink and Purple

Just simple Card..but yang penting cute kan....*wink*
Mar 10, 2013

Candid Photo

It's almost a weeks I didn't blogging due to the tragedy at Lahad Datu and indirectly
interrupts me from blogging...pity me.. I'm really doesn't have mood to blog and my mind is blank... However it's, lets pray for our country, heroes and all of us... Everything will be fine in GOD name..

Ok.. don't think too much.. :-) Jom layan candid photo...heheh...

termenung seketika..hehehe

Time bazaar di La Salle...Sibuk membeli belah..

psstt...buat apa tu...? heheh..

Photo Shooting..Make up time..hehehhe..Sempat lagi kan..

@ only you bridal..Busy tgk gambar...

That's all..I Want to Zzzzz...already..
Mar 6, 2013

Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering with the Beautiful Cheongsam

*February Stories*

Now..It's my turn to stories about the L.B.L.G...*wink*

I'm the last one who post about the L.B.L.G...huhu...I'm sorry...:-( This post supposed to upload yesterday, but due some things need to be done 1st... so postponed lagi...

Ok..Let start about the 5 beautiful Ladies photo with their beautiful Cheongsam...Agreed..?

Cuci mata dulu....Jom..jom..

The 1st picture snapped ...a bit blurry...sayang kan..hmmm
 Sis Wyne and Stella
Edith and Me

 5 of us with the sweet smiling...hihihi...
From left : Just, Me, Edith, Sis Wyne and Stella..

 Masing-masing dengan posing tersendiri...

Just Daughter and Me..
Cutee..kan c lily....

Just & Sis Wyne with their lovely kids...
Just With Cute Lily and Sis Wyne with Wei Wei...

5 Ladies with the 2 kids..heheh

Candid Photo..hihihi...
Sis Wyne and Edith

The Ladies, sibuk tgk camera...but the 2 kids buat gaya tersendiri..heheh

4 of us is from Ex-Stellarian School... but meet each others @ L.B.L.G except Just..
Huhu..What's the small world...

Enough for this photo session..will blog another part of L.B.L.G with others stories and more photo...

Stay tune..till next post...

Psstt...My L.B.L.G finally up...:-)
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