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Mar 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : The Book

"Teaching The Billings Ovulation Method" Part 1.. 
I brought this book during the talks NFP yesterday night from Madam Angeline. This book teach about how to plan your pregnancy.. "Fertile or not fertile"
Mar 20, 2012

NFP Follow Up

 Based on our telephone conversation this morning with Madam Angeline, she said we must attend this NFP talks tonight.. NFP means "Natural Family Planning"... For the information we already attended Pre-Marriage Talks last weeks.. So NFP is just to Follow-up before we get into Marriage... There have 4th NFP Follow-up. See the schedule below:

20 March 2012 (Tuesday)
03 April 2012 (Tuesday)
17 April 2012 (Tuesday)
02 May 2012 (Wednesday)

So means...we attend this talks tonight with the tiring faces lol...hehheh

Mar 19, 2012

John Carter the Movie...

Hello peeps...Have a good blessed Monday.*Wink* Just wanted to shared with you all our activity last weekend.. Movie time..Yeah...We went to watch movie last Saturday night at Grow ball CP.."John Carter" . Very entertaining movie...This movie tells the story about action & adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy and a Comedy.. Don't forget to watch this movie..ya!.huhu...

Before the movie start at 7.15 pm we went to makan first. Lapar oo.. *Smiling Face* Ok..Let's the picture show up our activity...Enjoy..!

The Ticket
The Menu

Dinner at Grow Ball Restaurant
While waiting our food to be served..sempat lagi posing..hehehh

P/s: Do you mind share your last weekend activity...?
Mar 9, 2012

2020 Design

Finally I'm managed to do the Kitchen Cabinets using this great software "2020 Design".

This Software more easier than the 3D Studio Max... All the items is ready made, just choose the items (cabinet) base on your Layout Plan...

At 1st, I'm not very familiar with this software..but I try my best to practice one by one and yes I'm done it..This is the result..

All the picture show at different perspective..
P/s: Thank you 2020 Design..Your save my life...:-)

Mar 8, 2012

Magellan Grand Ballroom

I was here on the 27 Feb attending the Seminar about "Pemindahan Teknologi (ToT)- Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana (PKS)" Huhu..jangan silap.. I'm not alone.. I came with my fiance..

These Seminar talked about the "Palm"... What you can obtained from this palm.. See the photo below... Some of the sample... Have a lots of booth at that time, but I can't managed to take all the photo cos too crowded.. I don't like to take photo when too many people.. Mengganggu pemandangan gambar saja... hahaah...

Hasil daripada Sawit
Hii...what happen, when you attend the Seminar the whole day...? For sure you will be bored and sleepy, right..

This situation happened to me...hahhaha... apa tidak after lunch time, memang akan mengantuk punya..tambah-tambah lagi kalau topik dia boring... Ini ok lagi..

How about this situation.. When you see the morning time.."Waaa... Banyaknya orang... Macam tiada tempat duduk sudah nie..."

When come to the afternoon time... Eeee...mana sudah orang nie...Balik sudah kah yang lain...

What do you think about that statement..? True or not...?

Hahaha...Ok let enjoy the rest of the photo...

Door Gift

 Pameran time
 Lunch Time

 Kamu tau apa fungsi tu...? Memungut biji sawit...

Treler pelbagai guna

Last but not least
Photo of us

P/s: Happy Working and enjoy of the day...Psstt..Saya cuti ni...
Mar 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Marriage Course

Marriage Course
Venue : Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish (Room F8, Pusat Paroki)
Date : 14 - 16 Mac 2012 (Wed - Fri)
Time : 7.30 pm - 10.00 pm

P/s : We will attend that course... :-)
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