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Mar 19, 2012

John Carter the Movie...

Hello peeps...Have a good blessed Monday.*Wink* Just wanted to shared with you all our activity last weekend.. Movie time..Yeah...We went to watch movie last Saturday night at Grow ball CP.."John Carter" . Very entertaining movie...This movie tells the story about action & adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy and a Comedy.. Don't forget to watch this movie..ya!.huhu...

Before the movie start at 7.15 pm we went to makan first. Lapar oo.. *Smiling Face* Ok..Let's the picture show up our activity...Enjoy..!

The Ticket
The Menu

Dinner at Grow Ball Restaurant
While waiting our food to be served..sempat lagi posing..hehehh

P/s: Do you mind share your last weekend activity...?

2 Lovely Comments:

  1. syok kah tu John Carter? Sa belum tengok lagi hari tu sa tengok 'this means war'

  2. siok tu.. ada juga lucu lucu dia.. `this means War` sdh sa tgk juga yg minggu minggu lalu.. hehehe


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