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Mar 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Jewelery Wedding accessory

I had purchased some Jewelery Wedding Accessory from Alibaba@Aliexpress. It is 1 sets Jewelery..(Crown, Necklace and 1 pair of Earring). But not yet received..I will blog it later once I receive it..

Thinking to purchase this one also..Tamaha oo kan... heheh
I like the headpiece...Nice rite...

That's all for now..I'm feel sleepy already.. Good nite...!

9 Lovely Comments:

  1. i think yg 2nd pic nmpk moden.. :)

    1. Iya...Cantik kan...Tapi sa sdh order yang 1st one tu...Baru sa nampak yg ini..hmmm...

    2. alaa ya ka... next item browse betul2 tau.. heheheh

  2. This is great info about the wedding jewelry accessories. I agree and also think that a good design of diamond or other jewelry can surely increase the beauty of any bride. I will also try to get this jewelry design for my wedding somehow.


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