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Apr 12, 2011

Final Part.

I need to buy the curtain, but for what purpose..??? Huhu..mesti you all tertanya-tanya kan..why I buy the Curtain... See the last picture later..

The first place we went to Wah Yoon Textile Putatan, to survey the curtain price. But the price not worth. Rm6.50 permeter..

After that we moved to Segama and same thing, we survey the price...Still cannot find the best price.. We moved again to Sinsuran.. Finally we find the cheaper price for the curtain fabric. Only RM4.00 per meter.

Huhu...So tired ohh..My niece and nephew kelaparan sdh dorang. Sapa suruh ikut...kwang..kwang...We decide to stay on at Restoran Sempelang...

Singgah sebentar di Restoran Sempelang, Sinsuran. Menghilangkan dahaga..

This picture showed up, how I closed my Kiosk...

3 Lovely Comments:

  1. congrats julie...all the best to you!

  2. gitu pula ko tutup.. brp meter la mo pakai tu?

  3. Maymel- thank you!

    Just- Ya..mcm tu lah saya tutup mau juga 20 meter saya guna...


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