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Apr 29, 2011

What Happens when you don't get Enough Sleep

Hello Friends...

Morning Wishes to you all..How's you feel today...Feel good..? Hopefully, right? Starting yesterday, I felt not so well, feel dizzy. I went to the doctor yesterday night, she gave me some medicine. The doctor said my BP is high, so maybe because of less sleep these few days or maybe it is the matter of age...hahhaha... We are getting older and older. By the way, may heart is still young...*laugh again* ...

Info from Google:
The findings suggest that if you don’t get enough sleep, it will show up on your face.

Sleep is more than just a luxury… today more and more people are coming to understand that to stay healthy, to feel better and to be alert and ready for anything – we need our sleep.

Even just shaving a few hours a night for a while can be trouble, impacting thinking and mood, not to mention setting us up for some pretty nasty health problems – things like heart disease, diabetes, headaches, depression and more. Pain too is worse when you’re tired.

Today still have to open my shop, hope that everything will be fine...

For reminders: Take care of your health and don't work too much... *grin*

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. I'm singing to Rebecca Black's Friday already...

    Partying partying yay!

    Hahaha Happy Weekend! Sleep sleep sleep :D

  2. alala julie.. BP high?? ba, rest2 la ba.. jgn telmpau stress pikir tu jualan. hehehhe...

  3. Daniel- Ya..must enough sleep...

    Just- Ya bah just..terkejut juga saya..darah saya naik..huhu..

  4. Salam kenal.

    Sis nak ajak join ga ni n mention cempaka kuning as referral ye.tq

  5. dui gia sa pun selalu tidak cukup tdr owh...deiii mgkn terlampau stress kali


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