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Apr 8, 2011

New Sling Bag

Nice kah??? hehehe

Yahoo...I have new Sling Bag..My Fiancee brought for me last sunday...My old one, the zip is damaged..Huhuu... I used it everyday...Easy bah, kalau mau tukar duit untuk customer..lagi pun savekan, just bring along, when go anywhere... Big thanks to my Fiancee. I Love it...

4 Lovely Comments:

  1. wah cantik suka yang vintag2 ni...lawa owh

  2. Beaty- Just nice kan..hehhe..Saya pun suka...

  3. Hi Jue Space, my compliments to your fiancee. He has good taste. Not many men know about buying ladies things.
    Nice bag too. Looks really classy.
    You have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart.

  4. Uncle Lee- Hi uncle lee..Thanks for your compliments. I showed it to my Fiancee. He just smile.. I think he also proud about that. *grin*


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