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Apr 13, 2011

Trading License

I filled up this form before, but no action taken to send the just like that.. Yesterday, my Fiancee and me went to Majlis Daerah Penampang send another form.. now i'm applying for a license for my new shop. It will take 2 weeks before I can collect it.. so have to wait until 26 April, then call the MDPG whether my license is ready..

Then I planning to open a current account for my shop... still cannot decide which bank is better, but the closest bank near megalong is public bank.. hmmm.. will decide later...

5 Lovely Comments:

  1. klu sia, suka jg sama maybank.. tp d sana public bank ja kan..

  2. Just- Ya...Sya pun suka Maybank..Tapi x maybank bah sini donggongon... Terpaksa buka Public Bank juga lah niekan...

  3. Donggongon ada Public Bank, BSN dan bank rakyat... Maybank yg dekat ada di Jalan Lintas dan Cimb ada di Jalan Bundusan.. Public Bank buka Current AC perlu RM3000 dan Cimb current AC RM1000 ..

  4. Apa kedai kau.
    Anywaybank yg bgs for current acc bgs is Hong Leong bank


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