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Apr 19, 2011

New Busha Arrived

Hello Guys..How's your daily life..Are you all happy? Of course right...We must be happy even though we are sad or bad mood...Life must go on..Like Mariah Carey Song...Huhuuhu..

Aik...Out of topic sudah nie...hehehe..Actually, I just want to said, my order of BUSHA arrived last Saturday..My Supplier sent the BUSHA on Friday by SkyNet. I used my Fiancee Office Address. Coincidentally, my fiancee office is not open on Saturday... I made a call to SkyNet office, just to double check, whether my stuff will arrive at the next morning(Saturday) or on Monday... But the person who picked up the phone said, my stuff will arrive I decided to pick up the stuff tomorrow..

The next morning, before we go to the SkyNet office we went to the Wan Wan area Penampang first to find the Pemborong Pakaian Kanak-kanak.. But I'm not buy anything..sebab tidak boleh mixed pattern lain. Satu design mesti ambil 6 mcm tu..mana saya mau... Lagi bagus kalau boleh mixed and banyak lagi dapatkan.. After that, baru lah we go to the SykNet Lintas Plaza, Luyang to collect my stuff.. See the picture below..Cute BUSHA...Sure you will love it..

Plastic bag sampah dia guna

2 Lovely Comments:

  1. mo rajin google cari barang baru! good job! *clap hands*

  2. Just- Ya bah Just..mesti mau rajin cari barang baru..Oh ya saya ada masuk shoppe ko..nice oh tu WHPO..untuk simpan Hp kah tu.... clap hands too...


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