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Mar 18, 2011

Day 4 *Delay* - Books

I'm still remembered, when I'm was at the secondary school, I always went to the Library school to borrowed some story books. I can't remember that title of the book.. but i liked Fairy tales story. Like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood (Coming soon at Cinema), etc.

But now, I'm very seldom, to read thus kind of books, I will read when I have a free time only...

How about magazine...Yes..I'm a collector one of that magazine 8 years ago. That time, my age around 19 to 20 years ++.. GUess...what magazine? Hehhehe...."REMAJA"lah... But now, tidak sudah...cos, too expensive bah, waktu tu still can afford, the price around Rm 4.90 to Rm 5.60. Sekarang malas sudah mau kumpul, nanti sayang saja kena buang...huhuh..

P/s: Sekarang..Remaja kurang menarik sdh kan...Makin lama, makin kurang page dia...

3 Lovely Comments:

  1. sia pun suka remaja julie! dr form 3 sia baca sampai msk u... tp bila start keja, tukar majalah sdh.. n sakit hati bila tu remaja lama2 kena buang!!! huhuhuhu..

  2. Just- ya bah..sama2 juga kita baca remaja time tu...skrg kena buang sdh... sayang ohh kan...ehmmm

  3. iya ni makin lama idak best suda ni..

    skg sa suka baca Cleo or women weekly tuh...hehehe


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