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Mar 25, 2011

Maybank Card...

Hi Everyone...Did you change your ATM Maybank Card to the new one? Since I cannot use my ATM Maybank card anymore, I have to change it. I went to the Maybank Karamunsing last Tuesday to changed my ATM Maybank Card.. Tadaaaa....This is my New ATM Maybank Card....

ATM Card

Maybank Book

Anyone, who not yet get the New ATM Maybank Card..Faster change it to the new one..Make sure bring your Maybank book if you have it or else just go to the counter during that time. These a lot of the benefit about the new ATM Maybank card.
  • Shop at over 29 million VISA merchant locations worldwide
  • It’s your ATM card can withdraw cash locally and overseas
  • Earn TreatsPoints and enjoy privileges when you shop
  • No income requirement for application, no finance and late charges or annual fees
  • Online statement through
  • Can use for PayPal and Ebay verification
  • Withdrawal PayPal to Maybank Card in local

    9 Lovely Comments:

    1. lama sdh sia ada ni kunun... hehehe...

    2. Just- hahah..saya pula yang ketinggalan nie kan..Saya tukar kad baru bah, kad lama x bulih guna sdh..

    3. Sa pun sudah pi tukar yang last year..:)

    4. I been using this card for years already.... tapi I don't know now can use for paypal.. means boleh kasih keluar paypal money use this card juga??

      wah best... Tq for the info.. :D

    5. CathJ- Yes..Now PayPal accept Malaysian bank..You can transfer your money to Maybank account.. Saya sdh pernah buat..but have to wait 2 or 3 working days..

      Va Va Voom- Saya baru nie..hehheactually last year lagi saya mau tukar, but my IC ada problem..terpaksa lah buat IC baru dulu baru bulih tukar...

    6. I gotta inform my daling about this cuz he had one.. Thanks for telling! Sa pun baru tau ni after I read your post. Haha!

    7. huh baru sa buat last year ni...

    8. mybank acc sa x active oredi...:0 cantik juga kad baru dia aa...hheheh

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