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Mar 24, 2011

Day Eights - Fear

Talking about Fear..What are the means' fears in your life..? For me, fears with the God, is better then fearing the ghost....betul kah tu..? hahhahah...Sekali nampak hantu baru tau kan...smiling face!

I'm fears when I am missing our loved ones....Huhuhu..*touch wood*

I'm fears with the high places..but I still can control myself...

I was fears when my heart is hurt it again, because I felt it before. painful.

I'm fears with the cockroach.. I do not like the cockroaches, flies around the bedroom when sleeping.. Menggangu betul...

7 Lovely Comments:

  1. eeeei, aku pun takut itu barang!
    punyaaalaaah gali.

  2. lbh kurang ja ba ketakutan kita ni... heheh.. :D

  3. semua takut kehilangan org trsayang bh kan... huhuhu...

  4. I scare of nothing, not even dead..

  5. Mr_mrs mikko - sama lah tu...

    Just- ya bah kan...hehehe..semua bikin takut

    Lenn- Ya betul tu Lenn..

  6. lipas memang tak buli tahan...cuba kalo sa nampak dia lari2 dengan cepatnya..aduiii..geliiiiiiiiiiii

  7. bah.. kalau di ikutkan mimang banyak yang d takut.


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