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Mar 23, 2011

Day Seven *Delay* - Wants

I'm still doing this 10 days you challenge...How about you all guys, still doing this..? Ok..Day seven talking about wants. What I wanted in my life...?

I want to be a millionaire, for helping my family.....Oneday will be right... :-)

I want new Galaxy Tab. One of the smartphone

Good starting for my new business.. Hopefully..

I want to travel with my love one... When, the time will come...

I want to take a driving, I can go anywhere I wants..without the driver...smiling face

I want to settle all my debts..huhu..

I want happiness in my life...this is the important thing...

4 Lovely Comments:

  1. klu la buli jd millionaire.. semua prob settle kunun.. ya la kunun! hehehe

  2. Just - Tulah kan......angan2 saja..tapi x mustahil bah tu...huhu

  3. wah gud luck semua sama ko punya wants ya...


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