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Apr 26, 2011

Easter Egg...

What is Easter Egg means???

An egg means new life.  It reminds us that there is a new life inside that can come out.  We celebrate Easter Sunday because that is the day that Jesus came out of the grave and He was alive.

This is what we did last Friday night..huhu..We doing the Easter egg...Only 3 of us. My fiancee, my niece and myself... we do it until 12:30 am. 24 eggs altogether, but we only done 20 eggs.

We doing the
coloring and the pattern on the egg. I only made 3 eggs, my fiance made 10 eggs and my
niece made 7 eggs.. We really enjoyed that time while doing the coloring egg... Seronok ohh...sampai ngantuk pun hilang...*smile* See the picture, what we have done..

Ini Water color yang kami guna.

Serius juga..hahhaha

Ini lah hasil nya...
 Ini eggs yang saya buat..

4 Lovely Comments:

  1. waa... rajin jg kamu! sia nda pernah buat easter egg oo.. nda pandai lukis2 n kaler2 ba! ;p having fun tu yg penting tu kan?!

  2. Just- Hehhe..ya bah..Best main lukis2..Saya pun baru first time bah nie buat..

  3. rajin jua kamu buat ni telur macam siok ni main warna2

  4. Sioknya! Sa belum pernah lagi paint eggs tym Easter tau. Hehe.. Nice painting. I love the one yang macam ladybug tu. Hihi..


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