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Nov 23, 2012

X'mas Mood

Hello peeps...Are u in X'mas mood already...? Me..Yes...huhu...Now, I'm searching for those items for Christmas preparation.. See the list below..

First: Christmas Gift

This time, maybe I need to prepare 5 gift or more...huhu

Second : Dress for Christmas-Specially time Church 

Theme Red no Black
Third : Christmas Tree Decoration

Fourth : Shoe

Red Shoe..Will be Consider..

Fifth : Handbag

What do you think..? Is it nice...

That's it..What your? Mine sharing here...?

Here's the counting down for Christmas..

Christmas Countdown

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. I haven't start counting for Christmas yet. Bulummm gaji, jdi blum set budget christmas this year. hahaaa

    Aik, sy pun cadang mau baju Christmas wrna Merah this year. ;)

    1. Ok bah tu fay.. pelahan2..baru rancang bah nie...: -)

  2. me awal2 lagi suda semangat christmas.. cuma im far away from my home town now kana tahan2 dulu hehe

  3. Waa..mesti ko sdh prepare awal ni kan Mitchell.. hehe

  4. Haha! Sa belum buat list lagi. Sa suka last minute bili semua hehe!

    Yeah, the bag is cool!

  5. kiut jg itu beg tp ngam pakai time christmas ja pula. heheeh.. sy mood CNY! hahahaha


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