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Nov 14, 2012

Confirmed Date

As you know, hubby already made a appointment to meet up the father last week, about the Wedding Church registration date..Now, the time is come..*sigh* Macam nevous pula..hmm..Our appointment should be at 9.00 am in the morning, but due some documentation problem, kami terlambat sampai... Gara-gara mau cuci gambar saja pun...semua jadi kelam-kabut...huhu..

When we reah at the church it's almost 10 o'clock, the Father already waiting for us..Kesian tu father menunggu...Nasib, tu father baik.. :-)

Sesampai saja kami, terus jumpa father.. Bermula la sessi perbincangan kami.. First of all we provide all the document to the father but there are some document not yet prepare, like Salinan surat pertunangan, Salinan IC & Sijil Perkahwinan yang diberkati dalam gereja katolik untuk saksi, gambar 2 keping lelaki & perempaun dan pembayaran RM100.

Then, we discuss about the date and YES..the date we already set up for the wedding reception before also available for the Wedding Church..that means the same date lah..heheh Ngam lah satu kali kan..after the church and then direct to the wedding reception at J Borneo Native Village..*grin* Thanks god...

After that, The Father interview us one by one.. Panik juga masa itu, kena interview satu-persatu...but overall everything is ok...

Now..I want to announce here, our BIG DAY date is Confirmed...huhu...Only the Church we change to St Simon Church at Duvanson..Anyone who closely with me, sure know the date..*smiling ear to ear*

*Checklist Wedding Prep*
Church Registration *Done*

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. Yeayy! Confirm sdh!! Ba.. Mau bili tiket sdh ni! :D

  2. Wow, I pray for you hope everything will be just fine, all the best for your wedding. ^^

  3. Tu part interview paling interesting time sa mau kawin dulu. LOL.

    Congratulation for the smooth interview. Kalu ko mau tau, ada couple kana marah time interview sbb betul2 tidak nampak bersedia untuk kawin. hehe..

  4. Just- Ya Just..Confirm sdh tu date..hehhe

    Clare-Thanks so much dear..:-)

    Wyne- Ya bah sis...bikin gementar nie..nasib lah semua berjalan dengan lancar..heheh... bah, jan lupa dtg ok Sis..Bawa C Sis Just..hhehh

  5. hehehe.. kena suruh bw sy lg tu. jgn ko risau. komfom dtg! :)

  6. Bah congrats suda confirm. Good Luck on ur preparation!


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