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Nov 1, 2012

J BORNEO Native Village

I've been searching "Dewan" for my Wedding Reception for next year... but all the Dewan a fully booked until July next year... *rolling eyes*.. My 1st choice is Dewan Kebudayaan Penampang, but now the Dewan also under renovation until next year...huhuhu..poor me..:-(

Finally.. we decide to do our Wedding Reception at the JBORNEO Native Village Click the link for more info..

Anybody heard or know about this place before..? Yeahh... We went to the place just know, to get more info about the Wedding Package here...

The Wedding Package

The stripes kemeja is a Manager- Martin 
He explained to my hubby about the package...

It's a very worth package, I think...* Smiling face*  I will share about the package for next entry ok... Stay tuned... 

5 Lovely Comments:

  1. cepat la kasi blog psl tu package sama tarikh keramat. hahaha.. tp sy rasa unik la buat reception d sini.. mcmana ko buli tau ni tmpt oo?

  2. Just-Hehhe..SIL saya bah tu yang terjumpa..kebetulan dia buat disini juga Kahwin dia... Since dia ckp semua kena kasi sedia...Why not.. kan..Mcm best juga..C gee pun tau tmpt tu..tapi dia x terfikir mula2..sampai lah kakak dia kasi cadangan... Suka juga dia nie...:-)

  3. Thank u so much for dropping by to my humble online diary... aiseh mukadimah konon...

    but the point is, sy SUKAAAAA ko share psl wedding preparation and plan ko. Bcos sy blh share the idea. Best!

  4. Beauty-hi..thanks to you too..OO..ko boleh share...bagus juga tu...bah share2 lah idea u tu ya...Ini yang sa suka dengar..heheh

  5. Packge tu masi smpi skg sis


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