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Nov 16, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn part 2 is the last episode of the Twilight Saga... The movie will be released on the 22nd November 2012... Nah..Inikali lah... Mesti pi tgk nie..

I loved this movie very much.. huh..

Bella has been turned into a Vampire...See the red eyes...

Hmmm...Tidak sabar sudah nie menunggu... Jom kita tgk ramai-ramai...hehhe


7 Lovely Comments:

  1. hahaha.. sy mau tgk macam mana muka anak mereka nanti anak mereka besar... vampire~

  2. Sasa Tien- Ya bah..Saya pun tidak sabar mau tgk nie..hehhe..Mesti cantik tu anak mereka kan..:-)

  3. hi suda sa add tu tab follower.cuba ko try..ehe..nice to read ur blog. especially pasal wedding preparation ko. Could u suggest me any sabahan bride to be blogger?

  4. sa tunggu online saja la hehe

  5. Hi Jue, looks like an interesting movie. I guess I have lost touch with whatever movies now showing as I stopped reading the papers.
    Last movie I saw was 'The last Samurai'.

    Noticed you living in the Land below the wind.
    This coming to you from a frigid cold country, ha ha.
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  6. InsanBiasa- Thanks for following me..heheh..Sharing is caring meh kan...Bah..rajin2 lah dtg melawat blog saya ya...heheh

    Wen- Lah Online lama lagi tu Wen..heheh

  7. Uncle Lee- Hello uncle lee, thanks for read my blog...Yes, I'm living in the Land below the Wind...

    Please do come again anytime.. Cheer's..Have a nice day..


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