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Nov 12, 2012

Bridesmaids Hairstyle

I believe that every bride would look different on the wedding day.. It's also same with me. These are some hairstyle for the wedding day.. Ok, let's see which one is suitable for me.. *grin*

No 1

No 2

No 3

No 4

No 5

No 6

No 7

No 8
Photo source *credit for goggle*

So, this can be used as an idea to set my hair on the wedding day later...

5 Lovely Comments:

  1. tgk gown jg tu.. hihihi.. baru decide hairstyle.. :)

  2. Just-mau tgk gown juga kah..hmm...

  3. Hi Jue,
    I think no 4 would be nice. It's very feminine and elegant at the same time. If you have detailing on the shoulder of your gown, you might want a complete up-do.. Just my 2 cents.. ^^

  4. Phobe- Thanks for the opinion...:-)

  5. Saya pernah buat stail no. during our company annual dinner 2 years ago. Sa taruh bunga juga & match with my dress that night.

    So, kalu evening time, find a suitable dress that match with this style no. 7 hehe..

    Betul ckp sis Just, mau tgk mcm mn dress ko juga ni sis. ;)


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