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Feb 28, 2011

I'm Number Five... :-)

Story about the day before...

After we closed everything at "Flea Market"  Hubby, my niece and myself went to Center Point to watch movie.."I am Number Four"...Wow..what's a great movie.. By the time, we rushing to Center point, the time almost around 7.00pm when we reached there...It's ok still can buy the ticket... :-)

Hello guys, what is the story all about? Here the short synopsis :
Actually John (Pettyfer) is a teenager from another planet with special powers bestowed upon him by his alien roots. With the help of his guardian Henri (Olyphant), he tries to elude those trying to kill him and eight others, which would subsequently destroy his race. 

You see, the title of my Post...Yeahhh...I'm Number Five.. Each of us has a different power... so becareful..... * terperasaan pula *

However, we all enjoy it... :-)

1 Lovely Comments:

  1. klu sia, lps 'flea market' balik trus.. nda sabar mo rehat.. :D


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