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Feb 9, 2011

CNY story..

Hi Everyone..How's your Chinese new year celebration...? Happy...? Fun..? Dapat banyak ang pow kah?
For me it's simple.. 1st day of CNY, I went to my Aunty House..Sorry I didn't manage to took picture... :-)

2nd day of CNY, My eldest brother, buat makan-makan di umah...but the time...saya pula yang kurang sihat..heheh..May be deman CNY...Terlampau makan Oren Mandrin kali... hahaha... 

That's all for now...See you all again....

4 Lovely Comments:

  1. alaa julie.. lain kali main kua mirah ba baru meriah.. heheh..

  2. Just- ya...ada dorang main tapi saya x join.heheh

    Stella- sama lah kita..simple jer kan..

  3. minum2 lg best .. sakit pun baik terus..


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