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Feb 22, 2011

5 Makeup Tips To Look Great Even When You're In A Rush

Well, you want to look great even you in rushing time...? Yes...i have 5 Makeup tips that will save you time and allow you to quickly be on your way....But remember, you must start with nice and clean face...Here the 5 tips...

1. Concealer
Concealer it an amazing tool that I think every woman should use. The key to concealer is blending it properly, so make sure it matches your skin tone, and you will love the results.

2. Mascara
Yes...Mascara...Do you like to use Mascara? I suggest you use a mascara that focuses on lengthening and thickening your lashes. A secret to makeup is loving your look and embracing it....

3. Blush
I suggest using a blush stick that you can use of your cheeks and your lips. However, everyone doesn't like cream based blush, so if you prefer a powder blush, you can still apply it quickly and save time. 

4. Lip gloss
You can apply lip gloss or lipstick for your lip...but make sure same color to your lips and apply a sheer lip gloss over it. However, if you want a more natural look, you will only apply lip gloss. That it's..

5. Finishing Powder
The last one is finishing powder. A must in any makeup arsenal.

Simple right...? But you will look great...That is the tips that I applied everyday... can try it...



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  1. kalau sebut pasal makeup2 ni i'm out.. no comment laaa...


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