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Jan 21, 2012

Symbol Unlimited Happiness

I'm so happy today... Am waiting for 2 weeks, finally I just received my parcel  from California this afternoon... so excited and quickly open the envelope and see the things... Woo... Ok..let see, what I brought it..:-)

This Chain is a Symbol Unlimited Happiness - The Figure 8

 I brought this Chain from Online Website . It cost me $ 37.98 + Shipping $ 13.00 = $ 50.98 @ Rm 153.00

This stunning amulet, made of pure Sterling Silver, attracts positive energy to bring needed balance to you life. Wear it or carry it with you, and be prepared for good things to happen.

In our normal day-to-day routine, we are often confronted with negativity, whether due to people or situations. Subconsciously, we get anxious and are thrown out of balance, corrupting ourselves in the process. But if we surround ourselves with beauty, kindness and the sweetness of life, we can live in harmony and attract the positive forces. This is the essence of Feng Shui.

P/s: That's why I brought this one...

3 Lovely Comments:

  1. I believe in Feng Shui.. we happy in whatever we are doing and no regrets of it, is that what we call unlimited happiness? Just something what I feel, anyway be happy always..

  2. yo i bought mystic star from calastrology its two weeks from now of friday 12:51 here in vancouver will i get it by after noon or maybe at night waited too long man you wat i mean and im so eager to have mine mystic star already!!..


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