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Jan 15, 2012

Money Plant

Hello guys..What do you know about "Money Plant" ?

Money Plant is a very special type of tree that can be grown inside your home or office.  

It is believed that a money plant will bring you good luck, good fortune, wealth and prosperity.  It enjoys a very strong reputation for causing great things to happen. The money plant is said to bring good fortune and prosperity to it’s owner.

My Money Plant

It something like "Feng Shui"... So as you know my office full of feng shui...

4 Lovely Comments:

  1. Hi Jue, wah baru ko timbul woh lama juga ko menyepi kan. Welcome back to blogsphere.

    Wow need to get the 'money plant' lah ni..

  2. Hi Rose..Ya lah baru timbul kembali nie..huhu...Tq..

    Ya..If u belived it..sure good luck will come to you...

  3. pun mau cari plant mcm ni lah


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