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Jan 15, 2012

New Job Environment

Yeahh..I just wanted to shared here about my New Job... It's almost 2 months and the half weeks am working in this company..."Precision Design-One Stop Center"

Huhu..totally out my bidang already....Before this..Am working at Training environment..Now I become the Interior Designer pula...Very turf job I have to handle it... 

Ok..let see my New Office + Our Showroom Photo...How beautiful it is... :-)

Night Time View

Kitchen Design

Bedroom Design

Living Room

Dining Table Design

Working Area


Anyone...who interested to do the Kitchen cabinet or design for whole house...Precision Design is the best solution for you...

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. Wow your office so cantik and comfy all the designs but mesti pricey juga tu kan???

  2. Rose - Hehhe..tidak juga lah rose..Kita boleh Quo. best on customer punya budjet juga bah...

  3. ee hari2 sy limpas ni klu pigi kerja..dkat ngan rmh hehe

  4. mcm siok ja oo keja sini.. siok mau tgk design2 ni.. nnt sia minta ko design kitchen kabinet punya design utk rmh putatan aa.. kasi murah2 la.. :)

  5. Mic- Oh ya kah..Bagus lah..nanti klu ada masa singgah lah pi sini...heheh

    Just - Ok bah klu ko Just...Lagi siok klu sdh terror mau design...

  6. Ngamlah ko berhenti dr sana..hihihihi tempat kerja ko baru nie lg ok..


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