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Apr 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Dinner At Kampung Nelayan

This photo was taken last month, 2nd of March at Kampung Nelayan.. Dinner with XampungFM group..

P/s : Anyway..Happy holiday to all of you... Enjoy ya..! :-)

7 Lovely Comments:

  1. mesti makan banyak tu kan Jue..:)

  2. Daniel- Ya..Thanks

    Stella, Just- Thanks for the compliment...

    Kay- Ya..Mesti kasi habis apa yang kita ambil..Klu x habis..kena timbang ooo...heheh

  3. Hi... been long i didn't makan di nelayan tu... nway, i'm blogwalking and hope u can visit my blog too.. N probably follow me too.. Thank u and see ya...

  4. auww! you look stunning ne! apaa lagi with your haircut baru tu..


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