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Apr 20, 2012

New Cutting..

Hi..Am back already from bercuti-cuti.. Huhu...So penat lah kan... but 5 days 4 nights is not enough for the shopping and buy things for my shop... Ok..story about this later.... yaa...

I just want to show off about my new side bangs cutting... My Fiancee and me, went to our saloon yesterday night... Bukan saloon kami ya..tapi saloon yang selalu kami pigi..hehhe..Indra Saloon, sana Asia City... It's costly us only RM20..So I think mind free lah tu...My fiance siap cuti muka lagi..huhu..  See the picture..

My New Side Bangs..

What ur comment ?

My Fiancee cutting hair...

P/s: Next pots our holiday at Kuala Lumpur..

5 Lovely Comments:

  1. Baru me dapat masuk bah your blog ne jue.. smart tu! pewitt!

  2. Mitchell.. smart kah? hehe..

  3. he he he.. comel2.. :D.. tunang ko juga la mantap.. ^_^.v..

  4. Hey theree. Bila kamu mau kahwin ni?

    Sy slalu pegi saloon d asia city juga, italy ka apa tu namanya


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