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Apr 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Come down to KL

Only 4 of us, My mom, Brother, Younger brother and myself, will come down to KL soonest.. 8 more days to go... :-)

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. hampir2 tapi tidak turn, end of this month! :) baah count the days and have fun!

  2. Wah Jue ko terbang 1 hari awal dari sio woh.....hahaha...anyway have a fun trip ya....looking forward ko punya crita suti2 m'sia....

  3. Wahhh semua org sibuk terbang sana sini owhh kann.. Ba, kalau ada jodoh bejumpa jg kita di kl nnt.. :)

  4. yess, with airasia, everyone can fly to anywhere..well, i'm going back to sabah on nextweek friday. i feel impatient oo...

  5. have fun gansau di kl! =D with airasia, now everyone can fly sudah.. haha.. singgah p times square n sg. wang bli baju mura2..


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