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May 9, 2011

You are My Everything Mom...

I believe you all so existed doing the Mother's day celebration yesterday right... but for me, no celebration no cake even a present... *poor my mom*.

Sorry Mom..I don't know how to express my loves to you..but you know right, I loves you very much... You are my Everything Mom...

This song I dedicated  for you Mom: 

Mom, I can feel you loves... When I am sick, you always be my side... Melayan karenah saya...Begini lah kalau saya sakit...sikit-sikit mama..sikit-sikit mama.... mama saja yang dipanggil...hehehe...manjalah kunun....

Mom, I will promise, I will make you happy even for a moment..

3 Lovely Comments:

  1. hehehe.. sama la.. sia pun nda pandai express tu love. so sia try nda kasi sakit hati dia ja.. :D kim salam sama your mom k..

  2. cara sya express love on mothers day kasi gift seja and give a hug... hehe


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