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May 19, 2011

Wedding Card Orders...

Hi everyone...It's Thursday..How's your daily life..Hopefully everything is alright...No news from me since two weeks...huhu....Biasa lah Business Women...busy sentiasa....*grin*..

Ok news updated..I have two orders for wedding card design. I have to settle it.. I told you... I'm kind busy right know...But it's ok...I still can chit chat with friends and do something else.. *smiling face*

Ok let show off my design for the wedding card.. First Orders-I made two designs. One for Bride and another one for Groom...

First Design for Bride
Can you see the date of the wedding..? It remains me, my BFriend Wedding days. 1st June... Huhu..

 Second Design for Groom

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. Just... designer ka pula kau? haha very interesting... semoga makin maju2lah business ko... busy is good... errr have to make time for the family and blogging also, haha.

    all the best and congrats to your friend =)

  2. buli jg ba design time2 jaga kedai kan.. hehehe... sempat jg kena selit tu 1st june.. ;p

  3. :) boleh tahan o.. the design :)

  4. Daniel Chiam- Designer biasa2 saja bah...

    Just- Iya bah just..tu lah..x juga keboringan..huhu...


  5. beaty- hehehe...boleh lah sikit.. lama x blogging...Busy ker?


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