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Feb 25, 2013

CNY Story..

Happy Chap Goh Mei 2013...masi boleh wish bah kan..ehhehe

So, how's your holiday going on ...? Happy, Fun, Entertaining ...? I hope so ... :-) I bet all of you stories about the CNY celebration rite ...? Huhu ...for me ... Our CNY is not lively as the last years .. but I'm still happy, dapat berkumpul bersama cousin-cousin sekalian.makan-makan juga kami and main kuah mirah sama Lap-lap Fu..tapi sa x main lah....kalau sa main bankrup nanti...hehhe...Sorry I missed to take the photo..huhu... Never mine... 

I've read my blogger friends about the  CNY also....Really nice stories to catching up...*Wink*

She already took 15th days celebrated the CNY.. Hebat kan..hehehe with the entertaining story, lovely photo and the most important things the delicious food... sadap-sadap itu makan ooo Sis...untung dapat laki pandai masak kan..:-) You can visit her blog here

With the Full Program of CNY... The 1st day arrived at KK until she flying back to KL... betul-betul full oo kan Just...? here's her Program...

JUST taken a lot of photo during the CNY Program.... you also can visit her blog to see the colorful photo and interesting stories...

She celebrate the 1st day CNY at  Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu with her family in Laws... Waaa...Sambut CNY di Hotel pula ko kan Stella...Bestnyaaa..:-) Before the Promenade, She went to Angelina wedding reception. One of our blogger friend also.. You can read her CNY stories here :

Belle is Sumandak of Ranau...but now staying at KL...Her CNY celebration is special sikit...We bz with visiting saudara-mara but Belle went to Bercuti-Cuti Malaysia sambil celebrate CNY lah tu kan Belle...betul kah tu? heheh... If you want to know, where she going to bercuti-cuti, you can visit her lovely blog here:

Ok... That's all for now... Mau buat kerja dulu nie..nanti tidak siap-siap...Klu ikut kan hati, mau lagi blog nie..heheh

Till next post : V-Day Story

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. Hehehe.. teda sia kasi msk dlm list yg sia p putatan pagi last day sia tu.. tp nnt sia kasi selit mana2 yg patut.. hehehe..

  2. Tinggal mau kasi post psal LBLG saja ni. Tapi macam ko...kasi siap dulu keja. :)

    1. Ya kan sis...mau kasi siap dulu keja nie...

  3. apa lagi...barcuti2 lai ni...
    ni abis suda CNY part.2 blm lg sy post apa2..hahaha

    1. Best kan..pi bercuti2..huhu...bah kasi post lah yang part 2 punya...


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