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Feb 14, 2012

Today is Valentine's

"Happy Valentine's Day Sayang..." the first things came out from my mouth when i just wake up this morning..See how romantic I am...Romantic lah kali..yayy! Jangan kamu ketawa sana arr...Saya tau tu..heheheh..

Ok..So what is your plan for tonight? Anyone who would like to share..? Huhu...for me, we just go out for dinner only.."Simple dinner but Romantic".. The Place? psst...diam diam..I will share the next post, ok.. hehehe

Anyway, on this happy day, I am wishing you all "Happy Valentine's Day & May you day full of love and your relationship will last for ever"...

P/s: Enjoy for your day tonight ok...

11 Lovely Comments:

  1. he he he.. sa tia ketawa ah.. sa snyum2 ja.. :D.. Happy V-dAy utk ko juga Jue. ^_^.v..

  2. happy valentine day sis...may god blessing u...

    already followed u here.hit me ya=)

  3. Aki- Ya lah tu Aki..heheh

    Azeantyh - Happy Valentine to you too..Ok I will follow u..

  4. Ba, enjoy ur dinner.. D mana laitu ar? Wait for ur next post.. :) Happy V-Day!

  5. Jue, happy valentine to you and love one. Aisey, sa buli imagine tu ko ucap to "i love u, sayang" ngan suara yang manja kan....hehehehe...Anwyway enjoy your lovely valentine dinner tonight yar...mana laitu arr???

  6. Happy Valentine's day Jue! :) Hope you have a great romantic dinner with your love one~ :)

  7. Happy Valentine's day..hope you had the blast one ok :)


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