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Oct 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Another Invesment

 Copier Printer

Another Investment..I brought this Copier Printer last month, since my Laser Printer "hangkang" already..Gara-gara Compatible toner..Huhu.. But this Copier Printer is 2nd hand..Mana lah mampu mau beli yang New one...The price for the New One Copier Printer is almost 60K... Mahal kan... Hopefully that Printer can make money for me..hahahahh...

Ok...That's all for today..Happy Wednesday everyone... :-)

5 Lovely Comments:

  1. Wah..siok oh ada printer bgini. Bisnes trus brabis. hehe

    1. Iya.. Siok kan klu ada printer mcm ni.. Kena brrabis la nie buat bisness.. Hehe..

  2. Wahhh best nya! kalau sy blk sana, buli la keja sama ko ni.. hehehehe...

  3. doing printing business? great! can get more benefits kalau area yg ramai students ^^


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