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Aug 13, 2013

New Investment...

Hello Friend..
Now it's Month of August. This is my 1st post for August. Hehe...If you notice, my post update is like on and off...huhu...blame on me... Sorry.. ;-) Little bit busy with others things...

Ok, Let us talk about my title post today. "New Investment"..Sound Interesting rite...? Ok, for the info :-)..Last 2 weeks, I have bought one COLOR Laser Printer DocuPrint CM205 b for my business...Not really called new business, because I've been in this printing and design line before this... Example, wedding card design.. Previously, I send to the printing shop for print... and so the profit margin is not much... that is why I bought this printer as an investment because I have one customer need to print 1,500 pcs of wedding card...Yahoo..

Ok..time to show off the printer... Tedaaa....


Have a nice day everyone...

Feeling Activated : Flu, due to the bad weather...

8 Lovely Comments:

  1. sblm ni ko print d mana? kedai?

    1. Iya...di kedai printing...nasib kenal juga lah..kira mcm agent lah..tapi drg pun mau untung kan..heheh..Klu ada printer sendiri ok sikit..

    2. iya ngamm... ada la untung lbh sikit.. :)

  2. Bagusnya ada barang baik mcmnie kan.. nda perlu print dekat luar lagi.. :)


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