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Oct 4, 2012

Weekend Programme

Last weekend I'm full with this programme "Convention Upko 2012" at Nabawan and Tuaran... Now, I just want to share my another Programme this coming weekend...

Let's cek it out my programme:-

1. Attending my Friend Engagement Day at Kuala Penyu - 6.10.2012
2. Convention Upko 2012 at Ranau - 7.10.2012

Harap-harap semuanya baik dalam perjalanan nanti... Pray for us ok...

Have a wonderful day everyone... :-)

3 Lovely Comments:

  1. Uihh na... dari ujung dunia p ujung dunia ko pnya weekend trip ni hehe... Bah, wish u safe journey kio... and enjoy your trip :)

  2. Edith- Thank too ya, have a nice weekend ok...

  3. ngam tu jelajah sabah! heheheh.. enjoy your trips k.. :)


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