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Sep 28, 2012

Natural Bamboo Charcoal

Refer to the picture above.. You know, what is it..? This is Natural Bamboo Charcoal Slimming Suit...

Natural bamboo charcoal fibre magical undergarment bases on human engineering principles and is adopted unique international environment protection of natural antibacterial bamboo fabric.

The introduction of advanced equipment weaves fabric seam lessly.
Wear comfortable, left up breast, lift the buttocks, leg shaping.
Bamboo charcoal fibre magical undergarment containing rich far infrared can shape body and promotes human metabolism and antibacterial skin beauty.

Create a charming curve, so you will have a healthy and beautiful life.

For more info about this product, you can visit here beauty2beautiful and also you can find more beauty product from this blog...

Currently, I'm wearing this suit almost 5 days already... :-) Later talk about the result ok...

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