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Aug 3, 2011


Yahoooo...I got 2 gifts from the contest I joined yesterday. 1st Anniversary Giveaway + Lucky Draw Contest

1st Gift : I am are entitled to (1) Lucky Draw Entry.
2nd Gift :I am the one who got the 25 Early-Birds Gift RM10 Cash Voucher

P/s: Congrats to me..:-)

6 Lovely Comments:

  1. waa.. ada luck ko ni moy.. congratz :)

  2. Hehehe..saja2 bah Join nie... tau2 dapat gift juga..huhuh...Klu menang Grand Prize lagi best kan...:-)

  3. Hi Jue datang cubuk2 you sini. Tq follow me and i follow u too. Wah syok nya u dapat cash voucher. best woh kan hehehehe....oh ya salam perkenalan di blog, cheers : )


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