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Jun 20, 2013

3 Days before Our Wedding

Wed, 8 May

3 Days to go...huhuhu...Today program is collecting Wedding Gown from Bridal...Before we go, I did the house keeping for my room...

After I settled the romm.. We move to Bridal Studio at Center Point KK... We collecting all the Gowns and the Coats... There are seven sets altogether..3 gowns for the bride and 2 Coats for the Groom, black and  white plus 2 coats for both parents which is I give it to my brothers...:-)

The 3 pcs of the Gown..But the light brown...tidak sempat pakai..hehhe

Collected Gown and Coat done...Yes..!

After that, shoe hunting time...huhu...Punya lah susah mau cari Heels yang betul-betul berkenaan nie... We search all the shoe shops at CP...Thanks for hubby because willingly to accompany me to find the wedding shoe... Finally, we walk in to the BONIA shop at 1st floor...I'm jatuh tangga cinta with the RED Heel with the blink beads.. Berakhir juga pecarian...heheh

Another stuffs searching... Bedsheet Set for my Bed room....Penat tahap gaban sudah... But the spirit is still there... We found the bedsheet at Pacific Ngiukee... hehe

When the shopping done, we are so exhausted and its time to go home... tired but spiritually happy..

9 Lovely Comments:

  1. syg tu gown satu ko nda sempat pakai..... pakai utk begambar pun teda ka??

    1. Iya...syg kan Just...Pakai bergambar pun teda nie...hmmm..

  2. Tepa la.. nnt anniversary p begambar studio lagi aa... hihihih

  3. You look stunning lah sis with the wedding dress... ^^ I still remember the hunting part.. Ne baru hunting for e-dress n e-shoe sudah excited, apa lagi wedding kan? I can imagine sudah ne..


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