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May 23, 2013

5 Days before our Wedding

This time is very tough for me...Starting form:

Mon, 6 May- Many things still pending on my wedding preparation... Woke up at 8.00 am and getting ready to settle all pending stuffs.. The 1st things is, we went to printing service to prints all my Wedding Ceremony Book... My FIL saids, mau print sudah tu buku, itu orang Choir mau sdh..Supaya dorang boleh praktis... huhu..apa lagi kelam kabut lah kami...

 Front View " My wedding Ceremony Book"

Back View

Run here and there, feel so tiring..huhu..Ingatkan boleh berehat sudah..But...we still have night program, which is Food Testing at Dragon Restaurant, Dongonggong Penampang... 12 of us.. 6 person from hubby side (Dad and Mom, Mak Tua, Nephew and Cousin) and 6 person from my side ( Mom, Brother, 2 nieces - Michelle and Racheal and 1 Nephew - Nicole Joe)

After we tested all the food, we decide to choose  4 dishes for our Wedding Reception...That's it...hahahh...After that, we discussed about the Backdrop Theme and Decoration for the Wedding Reception Hall.

3 Lovely Comments:

  1. oh my dear Jue.I dont know what is wedding ceremony book.It is not in my list.BTW,thanks for sharing your wedding preparation.I always visit your blog as reference.hehe

  2. misti mau ada ni ceremony book?

  3. This post is relatable. I was very nervous before my wedding and it was because of my friends that I was able to manage everything. They helped in finalizing one of the best Chicago wedding venues and my wedding dress. I need a prewedding photoshoot with them as well. Anyways, this card is really nice and I think I should get something like this for my best friend’s wedding now.


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