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Mar 6, 2013

Ladies Blogger Lunch Gathering with the Beautiful Cheongsam

*February Stories*

Now..It's my turn to stories about the L.B.L.G...*wink*

I'm the last one who post about the L.B.L.G...huhu...I'm sorry...:-( This post supposed to upload yesterday, but due some things need to be done 1st... so postponed lagi...

Ok..Let start about the 5 beautiful Ladies photo with their beautiful Cheongsam...Agreed..?

Cuci mata dulu....Jom..jom..

The 1st picture snapped ...a bit blurry...sayang kan..hmmm
 Sis Wyne and Stella
Edith and Me

 5 of us with the sweet smiling...hihihi...
From left : Just, Me, Edith, Sis Wyne and Stella..

 Masing-masing dengan posing tersendiri...

Just Daughter and Me..
Cutee..kan c lily....

Just & Sis Wyne with their lovely kids...
Just With Cute Lily and Sis Wyne with Wei Wei...

5 Ladies with the 2 kids..heheh

Candid Photo..hihihi...
Sis Wyne and Edith

The Ladies, sibuk tgk camera...but the 2 kids buat gaya tersendiri..heheh

4 of us is from Ex-Stellarian School... but meet each others @ L.B.L.G except Just..
Huhu..What's the small world...

Enough for this photo session..will blog another part of L.B.L.G with others stories and more photo...

Stay tune..till next post...

Psstt...My L.B.L.G finally up...:-)

4 Lovely Comments:

  1. siok jg tgk candid photos tp tidak bnyk candid dlm camera sy.. huhuhu

    1. Ya..Siok kan candid photo..Sa punya x banyak candid photo..

  2. Gorgeous oh kamurang Jue. Next time saya mau join la! :D Ngam-ngam I was at the kampung during this LBLG bah..

    1. Hehehe..Semua Gorgeous kan Annie...Ya..sayang ko tidak joinkan..Bah next time..Ko mesti join ya...


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